How Much Is Solar Energy Worth in San Diego?

Every day, we receive scores of questions from San Diego homeowners and businesses all over the County – usually about things such as:

  • How do I finance my solar installation (read more)?

But the other day, we received a new question.  And we weren’t really sure how to answer it.  At least not at first.

The question was, “How much is solar energy worth?”

Wow.  Where do we even begin?

So How Much Is Solar Power Actually Worth?

The answer depends.  It depends on who is asking and what their ultimate goal is.

Let’s review.

1.  For Planet Earth

If you’re the planet (or any one of the individual species, plants, or animals who inhabit Earth), the answer is simple.  Solar energy is priceless.  Once installed, today’s high quality panels help to reduce global reliance on fossil fuel.

This means less pollution.  Less ecological destruction.  Fewer natural disasters.  The list goes on and on.  It’s really hard to quantify these benefits numerically (or monetarily).  But solar is worth a lot.

2.  For the Economy

If you’re the local, national, or global economy, the answer is pretty good as well.  Solar energy is worth new jobs and continuous green growth.

Remember the recession of 2008 – and all of the bad stuff that came with this huge economic crisis?  Well, one of the few sectors that continued to grow during this time was solar.  While most industries were cutting back and laying folks off, solar was helping to create new green jobs.  In 2013, the industry actually grew 20%.

And unlike manufacturing or other outsourced sectors, solar is 100% local.  When you decide to have panels installed, you’re creating new employment opportunities right here in San Diego.

3.  For Companies

Solar helps businesses remain competitive.  Margins shrink.  Expenses go up.  And it becomes harder and harder for companies to maintain profits.  This is especially true for businesses that consume a lot of energy.

Commercial solar is one of the best ways to survive in today’s increasingly competitive global economy.  For more on the benefits of commercial solar power, click here.

4.  For Homeowners

For homeowners, solar is worth decades of free electricity.  And in many cases, it’s also worth higher property values (much higher in fact).

And it gets even better.

Utility prices are constantly on the rise.  If you think SDG&E is expensive now, just wait a few more years.

Those who install solar today are protected from these inevitable rate increases.  The sun, by contrast, will remain free forever.

How Much Is Solar Energy Worth to YOU?

As you can see, there are many different ways to answer this question – depending on who you are and what you hope to accomplish.

But if you’re like most Sunline Energy customers, solar power is “worth it” – however you choose to define “it.”

The only real losers are companies whose business models are mostly dependent on the creation or sale of fossil fuels.  Namely Big Oil and certain utility companies.  Even the automobile industry benefits from solar energy.

Are you looking for an exact numerical figure – one that tells you precisely:

  • How much money you’ll save every year?
  • How many tons of CO2 you’ll help to offset?
  • How quickly your solar installation will pay for itself?

We can answer these questions easily.  Just schedule a free appointment today and our awesome and knowledgeable staff will be happy to walk you through the numbers.