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    There are so many great benefits when going solar such as helping the environment but the biggest impact comes to your monthly energy bill and it even sometimes helps resident owners eliminate their electric bill completely.

    When choosing Sunline Energy to help you with the transition to solar energy for your home, you’re not only getting some of the best solar panels available in the industry, but we also offer a 25 year warranty on workmanship and performance. So you know you will be getting the best value for your money.

    Our solar experts will help you when it comes to designing your solar power system that will not only work for your home but the one that also suits your needs.

    From choosing if you want a ground mount or a rooftop solar system for your home, it may have an impact on your electricity bill and we will take a look at all the considerations and options to save you as much money as possible and get you the best solar system.

    With all this in mind, we have streamlined our solar process and made it easy for our customers to purchase their system. Our team has over 35+ years of combined experience and will set up your solar power system exactly how it needs to be.

    Servicing all of San Diego County and Orange County, Sunline Energy is your one stop for solar and roofing needs.

    Residential Solar San Diego CA by Sunline Energy
    Sunline Energy Residential Solar San Diego, CA

    How does residential solar work?

    1. Sunlight hits the solar panels and generates an electric DC current.

    2. That current flows to the inverter, which converts it to an AC current for use in the home.

    3. The electrical panelthen distributes this electricity throughout your home.

    4. Unused electricity flows back to the grid through the utility meter, adding credit to your bill.

    Installation That Matters

    Sunline Energy solar power company has over 15,000 installations and is one of the fastest growing solar company in San Diego, CA. We want to make sure that we give you he maximum value for your solar system. That is our top goal. That is why we only offer top quality, energy efficient components and we back it up with our industries best warranties.

    Your solar panels are a lifetime investment and they should last a lifetime. At Sunline we deliver the best installation service in the solar industry. Our in-house team of expert engineers and electricians (never outside contractors) deliver flawless workmanship. We always customize our installations specific to the home and we make sure our customers get the best possible service, straightforward pricing and uncomplicated installations.

    If you are ready to go solar or just want to learn more, contact us today. We offer a no obligation, free estimate.

    Residential Solar Energy Questions

    How Much Power Will My Residential Solar Panels Generate?

    It depends on your system size and your energy usage.

    How Much Does Residential Solar Energy Installation Cost?

    Solar installation costs range from $10,000 ro $45,000 before tax credits. Solar panel installations will depend on various factors such as:

    • Where you reside
    • The type of solar panels
    • Number of solar panels
    • Incentives available
    Do I Qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

    Homeowners are eligible for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

    Tax credit is available for 26% of qualified expenditures for a solar PV system” the system needs to be installed by December 31, 2022. Please see for more details.

    How Does the Federal Tax Credit Work?

    The federal tax credit is a reduction in the amount of taxes that is owed, and is based on the percentage of the cost of your solar energy panel system. This includes inverters, mounting equipment, panels permit fees and installation. Homeowners can claim tax credit on a solar PV system they purchased whether it was paid in full or through financing options.

    For a system that was installed in 2021-2022, the federal tax credit is 26% of the cost of the system if all requirements are met. The tax credit will decrease in 2023 to 22% and 2024 to 10%.

    Do You Really Save Money with a Solar Energy System?

    Solar panels really do save you money on your energy bills. For those homeowners that install solar panels in 2021 the average savings is about $1,492 per year. This means you can save almost $30,000 in over 20 years. The savings might be higher if the energy costs go up. Through net metering you can save even more since you can sell the extra energy you produce to your power company.

    How Many Solar Panels Will I Need to Power My Home?

    The average US home needs about 20 to 30 solar panels to cover 100% of it’s energy bills. The exact number will depend on a few things such as:

    • Type of panels you purchase
    • Solar exposure
    • Electricity usage

    For more information view our blog here.

    What Type of Solar Panels Are Right for My Home?

    Most people choose to go with monocrystalline silicon solar panels, they are more efficient for residential solar. Once you know how much solar power you want to generate, our solar consultant will provide you with the best solar panels that will work best for your situation.

    How Long Will My Solar Energy System Last?

    Newer solar panels last about 20-30 years before there’s a noticeable difference in output. Solar panels usually only come with a 10 year warranty but Sunline Energy offers a 25 year warranty.

    Will My Roof Be Strong Enough to Support Solar Panels?

    If you have an older roof you might want to think about doing a full or partial re-roof. A solar consultant can inspect your roof to make sure it’s in good condition. However, if your roof is good enough, the panels are installed on a racking system, which runs horizontally underneath roof rafters. They help distribute the weight of the panels over your roof.

    Solar warranties: are designed to protect the equipment you purchased. However, they will not cover expenses that are considered “acts of God”, extreme weather or accidents. Solar warranties cover performance issues and components.

    Service warranty: Also known as workmanship warranty, this warranty will cover any labor-related defects.

    Can Solar Panels Withstand Heavy Rains?

    Quality solar panels are certified to withstand heavy rains and hail. Many panels can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 140 miles per hour. If any extreme weather causes damage to your solar PV panels, it might be covered by your homeowner insurance policy.

    Do Solar Panels Increase Your Property Value?

    Yes, a solar PV system will increase property value. On average you will see a 3% to 4% increase. Most homeowners will recuperate the cost of the solar power system when their home is sold.

    Residential Solar Reviews

    Hans van Bakel
    Hans van Bakel
    As of late last year I have a 5.4kWp solar energy system from Sunline. I've been really happy with the system and the process of getting it. I've worked extensively with Brian who was very knowledgeable and super responsive. On a project like this there's always different parts of the company that you get to deal with (permits/planning/etc). In our case we were working with an HOA which adds an additional layer of complexity as they need to approve of the installation. Sunline has been very accommodating throughout this process even though it meant that the entire thing could still fall through. What really helped was that Brian who was aware of the whole situation remained our point of contact if anything was up. This meant that any miscommunication due to delays in approvals were quickly cleared up. The installation crew was professional and got the work done nicely. We had conduit that needed to be painted and they managed to paint it in the exact color of the building (which is important when you're in an HOA). Even our old subpanel was replaced with the only inconvenience being without power for a few hours but that's part of the process. I can't really say anything about the system itself since it's only been up and running for about a month but I'm very confident in the work Sunline has done. Would definitely recommend Sunline to anyone considering a solar installation.
    We contracted with Sunline 3 years ago to install our solar system. Until last month it worked flawlessly. I called their support line due to a problem in their reporting of my solar production. I was treated like a king by Devin. In one day, he proactively called me 4 times to describe what steps were being taken to resolve my situation The issue was resolved quickly - needless to say, the Sunline service widely exceeded my expectations.
    Michael Cabrera
    Michael Cabrera
    Sunline did our new roof, 41 solar panels and 3 Tesla Powerwalls. The process was super smooth from the quote stage all the way through install and finally all the paper work they did for the SDGE transfer and rebates you get from the government. USE THESE GUYS. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!
    S W
    S W
    Got my solar from the best company. From start to finish, super professional and easy. From Brian the salesman, Veronica, Liz, Katie, Eric...Da Muy and the whole crew, everyone was easy to work with, professional,!and super responsive to all my questions. Really happy we picked Sunline Energy! No more electric bills for us:)
    medi S
    medi S
    We contacted Sunline Energy at the end of last year to receive an estimate for installing solar panels. Chris showed up at our house the morning of Christmas Eve and spent a good two hours with us going through everything, answering all our questions. We had such a great first meeting with him that even though we contact quite a few other solar companies afterwards we just couldn't get our minds off of Sunline. Their prices were competitive, customer service was excellent, respectful and super helpful, and the installation phase was a breeze. Another reason we chose them was that they had their in-house roofing team and did not subcontract roofers which was very important for us. Their entire team was very easy to work with and we now have our solars installed and working and are so glad we chose Sunline Energy. We highly recommend them for solars. The 5 star reviews are definitely there for a good reason.
    Dyslexic BBQ
    Dyslexic BBQ
    This company did a great job! We have had our solar for 1 year now and it’s doing great making that power! They have a system from estimate to turning on your system. Through emails and calls they hold your hand and walk you down the road to free power.
    Rich Gibbons
    Rich Gibbons
    Sunline performed not only a solar energy system install on our home, but also a total roof replacement. I was bracing for a pile of headaches during the process and was astonished at how smooth, communicative and efficient they were. Great teamwork, attitude, attention to detail etc. I'm OCD fixated on the details and they simply killed it. Can't recommend highly enough for solar as well as the crews they use for roofing! Devin was incredibly patient and knowledgable fielding all my questions about the system and overall process. Five Stars well earned!
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