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    Residential Solar Near You

    There are so many great benefits when going solar such as helping the environment but the biggest impact comes to your monthly energy bill and it even sometimes helps resident owners eliminate their electric bill completely.

    When choosing Sunline Energy to help you with the transition to solar energy for your home, you’re not only getting some of the best solar panels available in the industry, but we also offer a 25 year warranty on workmanship and performance. So you know you will be getting the best value for your money.

    Our solar experts will help you when it comes to designing your solar power system that will not only work for your home but the one that also suits your needs.

    From choosing if you want a ground mount or a rooftop solar system for your home, it may have an impact on your electricity bill and we will take a look at all the considerations and options to save you as much money as possible and get you the best solar system.

    With all this in mind, we have streamlined our solar process and made it easy for our customers to purchase their system. Our team has over 35+ years of combined experience and will set up your solar power system exactly how it needs to be.

    Servicing all of San Diego County and Orange County, Sunline Energy is your one stop for solar and roofing needs.

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    How does solar work?

    1. Sunlight hits the solar panels and generates an electric DC current.

    2. That current flows to the inverter, which converts it to an AC current for use in the home.

    3. The electrical panelthen distributes this electricity throughout your home.

    4. Unused electricity flows back to the grid through the utility meter, adding credit to your bill.

    Installation That Matters

    Sunline Energy solar power company has over 15,000 installations and is one of the fastest growing solar company in San Diego, CA. We want to make sure that we give you he maximum value for your solar system. That is our top goal. That is why we only offer top quality, energy efficient components and we back it up with our industries best warranties.

    Your solar panels are a lifetime investment and they should last a lifetime. At Sunline we deliver the best installation service in the solar industry. Our in-house team of expert engineers and electricians (never outside contractors) deliver flawless workmanship. We always customize our installations specific to the home and we make sure our customers get the best possible service, straightforward pricing and uncomplicated installations.

    If you are ready to go solar or just want to learn more, contact us today. We offer a no obligation, free estimate.

    Common Residential Solar Questions

    How Much Power Will My Residential Solar Panels Generate?

    It depends on your system size and your energy usage.

    How Much Will Solar Cost Me?
    Each of our customers’ systems are tailored to their individual needs and priced accordingly. For the best prices in San Diego and Orange County, please contact us and we can review your electric bills, inspect your roof and provide you with the best solar system for the price.
    Do I Qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

    Homeowners are eligible for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

    Tax credit is available for “26% of qualified expenditures for a solar PV system” the system needs to be installed by December 31, 2022. Please see for more details.

    How Much Can I Save with Solar?

    It depends on your home energy consumption and the energy output of the Solar PV system that you choose, but during your consultation our solar consultants can give you a savings estimate.

    What Type of Solar Panels Are Right for My Home?

    Most people choose to go with monocrystalline silicon solar panels, they are more efficient for residential solar. Once you know how much solar power you want to generate, our solar consultant will provide you with the best solar panels that will work best for your situation.

    How Much Renewable Energy Should I Get?

    How much electricity does your home use and how much do you pay for it? For example, if you want to save 30% of your electricity consumption covered by solar, you can use our calculator to find your answer.

    How Long Will My Solar Panel Last?

    Newer solar panels last about 20-30 years before there’s a noticeable difference in output. Solar panels usually only come with a 10 year warranty but Sunline Energy offers a 25 year warranty.

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