How Installing a Home Solar Electric System Strengthens the Economy

For most industries, outsourcing is a business decision.

By sourcing labor and parts from cheaper markets, companies can reduce expenses and become more competitive.

This explains why American manufacturing is on the decline – all over the country.  Our factories simply can’t compete with the cheaper prices offered by China, India, or Brazil.

But some industries are partially immune to this outsourcing trend.

Solar is a perfect example.

It’s true that many of the most popular solar panels still come from China.  But when it comes to solar installations, repairs, and training, it’s very difficult to outsource these types of jobs.

You need qualified solar professionals on-site.

And so as San Diego residents add more home solar electric systems, this helps to create local, green jobs.  Jobs that will never leave the country.

Wait – It Gets Even Better.  Solar Helps the Economy in Other Ways

Adding home solar electric systems doesn’t simply create new green jobs.  It also reduces our deficit and government spending:

  • The more solar capacity we have, the less imported oil we need
  • The less foreign oil we need, the fewer troops we must commit abroad

It’s strange to think that a few solar panels on your rooftop can help boost GDP and reduce the country’s debt.

But it’s true.

It gets even better than that.  We haven’t even started talking about the environmental benefits of solar energy:

  • More solar energy means less pollution (i.e. cleaner air and water)
  • Less pollution means healthier communities (and people)
  • Healthier people means fewer sick days and lower medical costs
  • Fewer sick days means a more productive workforce
  • A more productive workforce means stronger economic growth

Anyway You Slice It, Solar Is a Win, Win, Win

At Sunline Energy, we’re in love with solar.  It’s clean, free, and infinite.

But anyone interested in local economic growth should also love solar energy.

It’s a technology that gives and gives:

  • It reduces outsourcing
  • It creates domestic jobs
  • It decreases military spending

And as the owner of a home solar electric system, you personally benefit from lower utility bills starting on Day 1.  Whatever you’re paying right now to SDG&E, solar allows you to pay less.

Some lucky homeowners even receive negative electricity bills – thanks to San Diego’s net metering program.

Imagine SDG&E owing you money for a change.

Sound pretty good, doesn’t it?

To learn more about how awesome (and affordable) solar is, contact us today for a free consultation.