Why Would I Need A 25 Year Panel Warranty?

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    If you decide to sell your home after 10 years of installing solar, the new home buyer can take advantage of the transferable product replacement warranty with the rest of the years remaining. This will allow the new buyer to save as well if their energy patterns are similar. That’s about a total savings of $25,000 electricity cost in the remaining 15 years. As long as the inverters are running smoothly and electricity prices rise.

    Quality solar panels such as LG, Q Cells, Panasonic, Solaria, REC, etc, offer a 25 year warranty.

    A knowledgeable real estate agent will highlight how quality solar panels will add a financial benefit just like other home options, such as HVAC, swimming pool, high-end kitchen appliances, gas heating etc. It’s as having quality solar panels installed will say from a financial aspect a bit like: ”Having an Airbnb home and it’s always rented.”

    Installing Quality Solar Panels for A Great Long Term Performance

    Quality solar panels will give you many years of reliable service.

    Although mounting cables and devices are less influential to the performance of your solar energy system, choosing lower quality components or inverters, can lead to premature system failures. In some cases it has been recorded that non-branded cables and plugs contribute to system failures including house fires.

    Why Consider Quality Panels

    1. Top Solar Product Warranty Available – Quality solar panels from a competent manufacturer will offer at least a 25 year warranty (with labor and parts). You can trust the installation company as well as product support.
    2. Wind resistance – A good quality solar panel will be high in wind resistance
    3. Award Winning Technology – You can rely on quality panels to offer some cutting edge technology. For example, LG’s solar panels have won many International Awards and top Brand awards.
    4. Robust Standard – Usually quality solar panels have a strong protection against salt mist corrosion.
    5. High Performing Panel – With quality solar panels your will have a lower degradation after one year and for each of the next 24 years than other lower quality panels. Lower degradation of the system means less production. The less production loss the more electricity your home will get.
    6. Fewer warranty claimsQuality solar panels will have a lot less warranty claims.
    7. Visual Appearance – Many solar panels have been designed with appearance in mind. For example black frames and black cells. Making solar panels aesthetically pleasing.
    8. Efficiency and Innovative Technology – Most high rated solar panels come with innovative technology.
    9. Warranty Supported by Strong Financial – Strong panels mean a meaningful 25 year product replacement warranty. A piece of mind.
    10. Increase Your Solar Savings – More electricity produced by solar panels means more energy savings.

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