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    Commercial Solar

    Do you own a commercial building or a multi-family housing complex? As technology for solar energy continues to rapidly advance, commercial solar energy can save business and building owners a great amount of money each year.

    Solar energy makes sense for a wide variety of businesses and building types regardless of the industry. The benefits are even bigger for energy-hungry businesses, like manufacturing facilities, data centers, laundromats, laboratories or any company that have a large HVAC or refrigeration systems.

    Unfortunately, many business owners haven’t taken the time to study the operational and financial benefits of commercial solar. Here are just some reasons to consider solar for your business.

    Commercial Solar San Diego

    Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

    Business owners who install their photovoltaic (PV) solar system before December 2032 are eligible to receive a 30% tax credit on the cost of the system. The amount will reduce to 26% if done in 2033. There is no cap amount for the renewable energy tax credit. Any unused portion of the tax credit may be able to be used in subsequent years.

    Net Metering

    With California’s net metering system, your credit carries over month to month. Which means that you are able to use credits from your solar overproduction in the summer to help you pay for the cost of powering your home during winter months. You also have the option of settling your bill on a yearly or monthly basis.

    Boost Market Value

    When installing solar panels for your business you increase at least 4% in value for your properties or multi-family housing.

    Customized System

    Different modules, module mounts, voltage and inverter options are available for your commercial solar.

    Commercial solar systems are typically much larger than residential systems, with much higher efficiency rates. This can lead to system paybacks as fast as 2-4 years. After payback, you Sunline Energy solar System will pay for itself many times over- delivering reliable clean energy with virtually no maintenance.


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