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Solar Before Summer
Summer is the most popular time for people to look into getting set-up with a solar energy system. Typically this coincides with when the first large electrical bill hits in late May or early June. Afterwards homeowners look for ways to alleviate this pain, with the clear answer being to go solar. What they didn’t...
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A fight over the future of energy in Arizona has already cost over $50 million. And the struggle show no signs of slowing down. As part of the southwestern sunbelt, Arizona is the ideal state for harnessing the power of solar energy. Yet the State gets only 6 percent of its energy from the sun....
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Sunline Solar Fossil Fuels
Solar Energy Growth Easily Outpaces Fossil Fuels   The solar industry in the United States has achieved staggering growth over the last decade. Despite the rapid market expansion the United States produces only 2% of the country’s electricity through solar power. This growth is not showing any signs of stopping though; in fact, it appears...
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The US solar industry has thrived under Barack Obama’s presidency. There were hiccups every now and then – like Solyndra. But overall, total solar output has mushroomed over the past 8 years.
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Climate change is a global phenomenon. Every single one of us is responsible – and every single one of us is affected. So you would think that we’d come together as a planet to address this environmental crisis.
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California’s wildfires used to be seasonal. Now they happen all year long, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.
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St. Petersburg green pledge
Florida is America’s official “Sunshine State.” But when it comes to solar power, it ranks pretty low on the list.
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