San Diego Community Power

Renewable Energy Progress In Our Communities

San Diego residents now have a new community energy option for getting cleaner electricity at a lower cost.

San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is a non-profit public agency launched in 2019 that is intended to provide cleaner energy to local communities at competitive rates. The community partnership includes the cities of San Diego, La Mesa, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, and Encinitas. Around 1 million customers will be covered by the program, which due to its massive size and scale will begin rolling out in phases.

Other regions in Southern California are being covered by the Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) launched in 2021, which includes the North County cities of Solana Beach, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Escondido, and San Marcos. These new community power providers will serve as an alternative offering to regional energy powerhouse San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E).

The new community power providers will buy electricity from renewable sources including wind and solar. SDG&E will continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to provide electricity (such as transmission, distribution, and billing). The SDCP aims to provide a cleaner source of energy to the community in order to make progress towards California’s future clean energy goals.

The benefits expected from the SDCP are:

  • Cleaner energy at competitive prices
  • Community-tailored energy programs
  • Locally controlled energy initiatives
  • Reinvestment of revenue into the community
  • Development of local renewable energy projects
  • Support and creation of local energy jobs

San Diego Community Power Offering

The SDCP’s standard service offering, PowerOn, provides 50% energy from 50% renewable sources and is priced competitively with SDG&E. San Diegans will be automatically enrolled in these new community programs but can still opt out and remain with SDG&E. However, with better rates from cleaner sources these new partnerships offer an incredibly attractive alternative to SDG&E. Residents can even opt-up to receive energy that is from 100% renewable sources for only a few more dollars per month (for the standard residential customer).

SDCP will provide customers with electricity that comes from sources that are at least 50% renewable. Currently SDG&E uses around 31% renewable sources, so through the SDCP customers will end up using significantly cleaner energy at a slightly lower cost.

The first city to begin the switch to SDCP is Imperial Beach this month, with La Mesa following suit in March, Encinitas in April, and Chula Vista and San Diego in May. National City also voted in November of 2021 to join the partnership and is expected to begin receiving service in Spring of 2023.

Homeowners with solar systems will not be negatively impacted, as the program offers better rates for buying back excess solar. The program will also match discounts for those who receive them from SDG&E. Solar customers participating in Net Energy Metering (NEM) will be automatically enrolled at the end of their relevant period, commonly known as a “true-up.”

Currently more than 50% of Californian’s have access to a “community choice energy” program, with that number expected to reach 90% within the next decade. The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to increase the source of renewable energy generated for residents to combat climate change.

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