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Earlier this week, we looked at one of the most popular questions we receive: “How much does a solar installation cost?

Today, we wanted to look at another common question: “How long does a San Diego solar panel installation take?” (roof top solar only)

The easy answer is – about 12-16 weeks or less.  If you’re part of a homeowners association, the process might be a little bit longer.  And commercial solar installations vary considerably.

But for a standard residential solar installation in San Diego, you should budget about 6 weeks – from start to finish.

What exactly happens during those 12-16 weeks?

Let’s review.

Step 1 – Solar Survey and Consultation (Free)

At Sunline Energy, all solar installations begin with a free on-site survey of your residential or commercial property.  We carefully analyze your rooftop’s solar potential (orientation, shading, slope, etc.), and we also review your historic electricity usage.

Thereafter, we give you a solar proposal that outlines a few different options regarding:

  • costs & financing
  • monthly electricity bill savings
  • payback periods & ROIs

After signing the installation agreement, paying the down-payment, and applying for financial (if applicable_ your solar consultant will turn in your paper work to be processed.

Step 2 – Site Survey

Once the paperwork is processed, we will need to inspect your property to take a closer look at the jobsite. During this phase we will measure and inspect your roof. Here it will be determined how much sun exposure your roof receives and evaluate the main service panels. All of the information gathered will be sent to the engineering department for evaluation.

Site surveys take about 1-2 weeks after the paperwork is processed. You will be notified when the survey will be taking place along with details about what the job entails.

Step 3 – Engineering, Permit Submittal/Approval, HOA Approval (if required)

Following the site survey our in-house engineers will generate the construction plans and submit for permits to the local building department. Permits typically can take an average of 6-10 weeks. If your home has an HOA, we will be in contact to help facilitate the architectural process.

Step 4 – Permit Approval

Once we acquire your solar permit, you will be notified . Your project manager will provide a tentative installation window.

Step 5 – Installation

Our Sunline Energy project manager will being coordinating the installation schedule once permits are received.

Step 6 – City/County Inspection

After the solar installation, we will schedule the inspection with the local building department to sign off on the permit. The average time frame to inspection is 1-2 weeks after the installation. Our inspection team will meet with the inspector during a given window. After inspection is completed and the permits are signed off the inspector will notify the local utility company.

Step 7 – Permission to Operate (PTO)

Permission to operate from the utility company is expected in 1-2 weeks after passing inspection and watch the savings start rolling in!

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If you are ready to work with a quality solar company in San Diego. Contact Sunline Energy we can help you get the most out of your solar energy system and save you thousands.



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