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A New Roof is the Perfect Time to Get Solar

Looking to get a new roof? If so, it’s the perfect time to increase the value of your home and lower monthly energy costs by getting solar panels installed at the same time.

While not a requirement, roof replacement is a critical aspect to consider before getting solar panels installed. If your roof is showing signs of wear, you should get a roof inspection to determine when it’s likely to need to be replaced.

If you need to re-roof within the next 10 years and are considering getting solar, it’s financially practical to get these projects handled at the same time by the same company. While some solar companies have a roofing division, they are frequently consultants and not installers. And while some roofing companies have a solar team, they typically lack the in-depth expertise that solar panel installers have. Hiring a company that has both dedicated roofing and solar panel installers prevents delays and costs that occur from unnecessarily complex installations.

The Key To Solar Is The Right Roof

Having the correct roof is essential to having an optimal solar system. Many roof designs use materials that aren’t ideal for solar panels, which can drastically increase the chance of water damage. If the roof doesn’t have the correct angle to maximize solar production, installing the panels to achieve the optimal tilt will add to the cost. Adding solar panels even extends the life of your roof by providing extended coverage with proven durable materials. This added protection reduces the need for future repair and maintenance, saving untold costs.

Replacing a roof can cost on average $8,000, though other factors such as size or materials used can affect this. Installing a residential rooftop solar array can cost on average just under $20,000. While the total cost of $30,000 can seem intimidating, by combining the projects the savings can be immense and help pay for the project in under a decade.

Ideally the lifespan of your roof should match the lifespan of your solar system. If you end up installing solar prior to getting your roof replaced it can be unnecessarily costly down the road. Removing and re-installing a solar array can add up to $6,000 in labor costs when getting a new roof. Your panels will need to be safely stored during the re-installation process and can be damaged throughout the work.

Instead of wasting time and money down the road, it’s best to combine the projects so you eliminate the need to re-roof post-installation. By coordinating the roof replacement and solar installation homeowners can expect to save an average of $4,000. Companies that offer both solar and roofing services will typically offer significant discounted rates on solar installations that include roof replacements.

This also makes coordinating the projects smoother and faster, with the process streamlined under a single entity. With the necessary building and licensing permits managed by one company it alleviates much of the stress homeowners experience when taking on such critical home renovations. Coordinating these projects creates a much more cohesive and shorter timeline, providing clear insight into how the projects will ultimately be completed.

Even with the savings and benefits it is still a costly undertaking to get a new roof and solar array. Combining the projects with a single company makes handling the financial aspect far simpler to manage. Now both your roof and solar system can be paid for through a single loan, instead of the need to pursue multiple loans with competing vendors.

Investing in a new roof and solar array is a smart way to increase the value of your home. You’ll not only save money on energy costs to eventually pay for the system itself, but you will also add considerable value to your home equity.

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