Solar Prices Decreasing

How Did Solar Get So Cheap?

The Continued & Rapid Decline in the Cost of Solar It’s official – the cost of solar is declining at a record pace. The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) recent report showcases the rise in affordability of solar. In 2016 Solar was the world’s fastest growing energy source, but critics were suspicious of such rapid […]

Sunline Solar Fossil Fuels

Solar Revolution Continues Into 2018

Solar Energy Growth Easily Outpaces Fossil Fuels   The solar industry in the United States has achieved staggering growth over the last decade. Despite the rapid market expansion the United States produces only 2% of the country’s electricity through solar power. This growth is not showing any signs of stopping though; in fact, it appears […]

California Residential Solar

California Again Leading the Way on Solar

CEC Approves Solar Requirement on New Homes California is once again setting the gold-standard for solar. In just a few years all new homes constructed will be required to be equipped with solar panels.The five members of the California Energy Commission (CEC) voted unanimously 5-0 to approve the state’s Building Efficiency Standards. The regulations, which […]

Sunline Residential Solar

A Solar Panel On Every Home in the US

Could Widespread Residential Solar Change the Landscape of Renewable Energy?   What are the capabilities of Solar Energy? What are its limits? How much power could it generate? The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has answers to these questions from a recent Federal Study. Solar energy production is determined by a number of factors. These include the […]

American Solar Tarriffs

President Trump Approves Solar Tariffs

An Emerging Industry Faces Uncertain Hurdles President Trump recently approved recommendations by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to impose steep tariffs on silicon-based solar panels. With 95 percent of solar panels in U.S. solar projects currently imported from Southeast Asia, the tariffs pose future uncertainties to the industry. Proponents of Domestic Solar had sought a […]

Utility Solar Array

Solar Energy Leads Transformation of Global Energy Markets

Heading into 2018 the future has never looked brighter for renewable energy sources, with solar energy poised to become the leading source for cheap, renewable energy around the globe. The solar energy boom continued throughout last year due to a combination of increasing private investment, acceptance of clean energy policies, and reduced equipment costs allowed […]