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Have a Tesla in your garage? Now how about on top of your house?

We’re not talking about driving an electric car on to your home (though that would be pretty cool). We’re talking about adding Tesla’s roof replacement, the Tesla Solar Roof, to your home.

After helping revolutionize the solar industry and then the automotive industry, Tesla is looking to tackle roofing next. The solar roofs have been in production for over two years, but demand is exceptionally high. Though installations have begun it remains unclear what the pathway to mass-market availability is for the product.

Current solar solutions have you install panels on your current roof. Tesla’s solution is to replace your existing roof with Tesla’s, which use a blend of non-solar and solar-enabled tiles.

What’s incredibly attractive about the Tesla Solar Roof is clear. It’s aesthetically beautiful, as the panels integrate seamlessly into the design leaving a perfectly flush roof. But as with all things new and beautiful, there is a cost to pay.

Tesla Financial Sense?

Does the Tesla Solar Roof make financial sense for the majority of homeowners? The answer appears to be “not quite”, unless you are already in the market for a roof replacement.

Ultimately the product is far too expensive to justify as an alternative to traditional solar energy solutions. The estimates from Tesla put a Solar Roof replacement around $50,000 to $60,0000 for a 2,000 square foot roof.

A traditional solar solution for the same 2,000 square foot roof would likely be around $25,000 before rebates. That means you’re paying double or more for Tesla, and it turns out their system isn’t even as efficient.

Tesla’s solar shingles are less efficient than regular solar panels. A Tesla Solar roof will need to be comprised of around 35% solar shingles, and yet will only product around 75% of the same amount of solar power. You end up paying twice as much to get 25% less energy.

Now if you need to replace your roof in the next three to five years it starts to make more financial sense. As you would need to spend upwards of $10,000 on a new roof, the project for a traditional solar system on a 2,000 square foot house would now be around $35,000. You still end up paying a price for the sleek Tesla roof design (about a 50% premium) and it still will produce less energy than the traditional system.

Tesla Early Adopters

Getting a Tesla Solar Roof is ideal for early adopters of new technology and those that are willing to pay a premium for appearance. For those more considered with saving money the traditional solar solution still provides a far more attractive option. The money you save by not putting a Tesla on your roof can easily be used to help put a Tesla in your garage.

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