Is it Better to Install a Solar Battery Now or Later?

Solar batteries offer a wealth of benefits, including emergency power, renewable energy 24/7, and a reduced carbon footprint! With solar energy systems becoming more popular, battery storage is no surprise. But if you have not yet installed solar panels at your Southern California home, and are planning to do so soon, you might wonder whether you should install a solar battery simultaneously with your panels, or afterward.

As solar energy experts, we can help you decide if it makes more sense for you to install a solar battery now or in the future. At Sunline Energy, we have installed thousands of residential solar energy systems. The following are the top factors to consider when making your decision:

How much will solar batteries cost now versus later?

In recent years, solar batteries have become more affordable than ever before. However, some homeowners might wait to install one in anticipation of further price drops. The price of solar batteries may continue to drop in the future, but it will not necessarily result in higher savings over the long term.

This is because your reliance on the electric grid is reduced more greatly with solar panels plus batteries than with solar panels alone. In the evenings, when your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy, you may have to buy electricity from your utility. Even though the net metering policy in California enables you to receive a credit for part of your utility bill, you could still find yourself with a small bill.

When you include a solar battery from the start, you’ll likely save even more money on your electricity bills. Aside from the one-time cost of solar batteries, you’ll also have regular maintenance and fuel costs if you installed an alternative backup power system, for example a whole-home gas generator.

The cost of installing solar batteries

Another factor to consider when installing a solar battery is the installation cost. Batteries are not always easy to integrate into existing solar energy systems. The process can be complicated, and it is often more expensive to incorporate a solar battery into an existing system than to install it from the start.

Incentives for solar batteries

A solar battery is another reason to combine your solar system with a solar battery from the beginning – solar incentives! There are several incentives in place to encourage Southern California homeowners to install battery storage because it helps reduce the strain on the electric grid:

The earlier you take advantage of these incentives, the more you stand to save. If you wait to install your solar battery, you might miss out on substantial savings from the solar tax credit. The solar tax credit is currently on a step-down schedule and will be eliminated for homeowners in 2024.

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