Solar Energy Storage

How It Works

Solar Panels putting power on the SDEG grid
Every day your solar panels soak up valuable rays from the sun and take the excess energy and feed it back into the power grid earning you credits that customers can apply to their future usage. This program has worked great in San Diego over the last several years, however SDG&E has recently made big changes to the way that solar customers earn credits.
Expensive utility bills in California
SDG&E is requiring all customers in San Diego who produce their own solar energy to switch to a new “Time of Use” billing plan. Meaning that you will receive a credit of approximately $.20/kWh that your solar panels produce during the day, and be charged approximately $.50/kWh in the evenings when you need it most. In other words, you will now need to produce about 2.5 kWh’s during the day to be able to use 1 kWh at night. Because of this change, excess solar energy has been substantially devalued for SDG&E customers.
Sunshine powering solar battery
Our unique solution to this issue is to install batteries that will store your solar energy produced during low cost (off peak) times which will be available to offset usage or earn a greater credit during high cost (peak) times. With our fully scalable battery solution, we will customize your storage capabilities to meet your exact usage needs during peak times. We program our batteries to automatically discharge all the stored solar energy during peak times which will give our customers the maximum value for all their solar energy.
Sunline Energy installing solar panels

California Incentives for Solar Batteries

In addition to the Federal tax credit, there is also a Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) which could provide an additional rebate to solar customers who store the excess power that their solar generates. Currently the SGIP program is closed for SDG&E customer, but we’re expecting it to open sometime in 2020. 

A solar battery offers short-term backup in case there is a power outage in your area.

Here are five reasons to add batteries to your solar system:

  • Earn maximum credit per kWh regardless of what time it was generated
  • Receive back-up power when the grid goes down
  • You choose where to get your energy and when to use it
  • Tax credits and SGIP rebates 
  • Our battery systems offer the most intuitive online monitoring available including solar generation, battery charge and discharge rates as well as your homes total energy consumption.
Benefits of adding batteries to your solar PV system:

Because of the extremely high cost for electricity and the fact that Southern California has so many sunny days per year, adding solar to your home or business has become common practice for many residents. Most solar energy systems send excess energy back to the grid which earns them credit toward future usage. Our batteries allow you to store a portion of the electricity that your solar generates, so that you can use it at night when you need it most!

Choosing the best battery for your solar system:

At Sunline Energy we offer a few different options when it comes to power storage. When selecting which type of battery is best for your needs, it is important to consider not just the kWh storage capacity, but also the discharge amperage rating. Even with a high kWh storage capacity, a low discharge amperage rating could prevent you from powering larger appliances.

Adding batteries to an existing PV solar system:

No matter when your solar system was installed or what type of equipment you have, Sunline Energy has a power storage solution for you. Our batteries come in many different sizes and can be paired with any solar panel or inverter.

To take advantage of power storage incentives and protect yourself from the increased cost of electricity and unfavorable billing terms for solar customers, please contact Sunline Energy today to find out which power storage solution is best for you.

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