12 Solar Buyer Tips

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    Tips for Buying Your Solar Energy System

    1. More than 1,000 solar installation companies and more than 300 solar panel manufacturers have left the solar industry, leaving one in three solar customers with solar without support.


    2. Established manufactures such as Panasonic, LG, Solaria and Q Cells come with a 25 year warranty for product replacement. With an expert dealer they can offer you the perfect solar solution.


    3. The solar rule is – “Buy cheap, buy twice”


    4. Highly quality solar panels can add value to your home, because of the strong 25 year warranty.


    5. An independent study by the Department of Energy shows that installing a high quality solar energy system will increase the value of your home.


    6. A consideration in picking the best solar panels is not how much it will cost but how long they will last.


    7. Cheaper panels will most likely perform poorly and the more the extreme weather the less they will better perform compared to high quality solar panels.


    8. Cheaper solar panels the faster they will degrade faster compared to quality panels.


    9. Shop around for the best solar production.


    10. If you see a solar deal that claims a “no interest” you should be careful. All finance has a cost and with the no interest deals it’s very likely that the cost will be passed on to you.


    11. Buying panels with confidence from a reputable solar panel manufacturer

    • Visit the solar companies website. Is it local or generic worldwide? A local company will demonstrate their commitment to their local area.
    • Make sure that you are easy to contact and have a local number you can call.
    • Make sure you understand their warranty and claim process.
    • If the solar company offers a workmanship warranty, it’s a good idea to have since they will back up their work.
    • Generally speaking, choosing a reputable solar energy company with quality solar panels brands will ensure that you are getting a great warranty and a great product.


    12. The following is advice for when designing a solar energy system by a solar company:


    • The structure of your roof is strong
    • The orientation of your roof is at a good location
    • Your electricity needs will meet your future needs
    • Ensure that your solar design will meet building codes and electrical safety
    • The size and the number of panels are the correct voltage with the right inverter
    • There is minimal to no shading on your roof

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