Why San Diego Solar Installers Are So Busy During the Winter

Most home improvement projects are summertime activities.  That’s because you tend to have more free time, and the weather is great.

This is especially true in San Diego.  Summers here are awesome.

But believe it or not, we actually receive a surprising number of solar installation requests during the colder months.  And Sunline Energy is not alone in this regard.

According to the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC), solar installations accounted for nearly 75% of all new electrical capacity in October – across the entire country.

Admittedly, the lion’s share of this new solar capacity came from just a few major projects.  But in San Diego, we’ve noticed an interesting uptick in residential solar installations over the past few months – despite the cooling temperatures.

Why Are There So Many Wintertime San Diego Solar Installations?

There are many potential explanations for why autumn and winter are such popular times for installing solar panels.  Especially this year.

Let’s review.

1.  Rising Electricity Prices

The most obvious explanation is that grid electricity prices are constantly on the rise.  2013 has been particularly bad.  For some customers, utility prices jumped up 40% in September alone.

With price hikes like that, solar energy becomes a lot more affordable.

2.  Summer Blues

Even without these annual price hikes, solar looks pretty good.  This is especially true when summer ends.  After all homeowners across San Diego just spent tons of money keeping their houses cool during June, July, and August.

Once September and October roll around, they decide to invest in a solar installation rather than go through another hot and expensive summer the following year.

3.  Changing Incentives

This past fall has also been a pretty interesting time for solar energy incentives.  Net metering almost died off (but didn’t).  And San Diego’s solar rebate program has just experienced a $5 million extension.

As a result, tons of San Diego homeowners are rushing to take advantage of these awesome incentives before they expire or undergo major changes.

4.  Winter Advantages

We’re not sure if this is a real reason – but solar panels actually perform better during the winter months than during the summer ones.  And so maybe the recent surge in solar installation requests is a result of homeowners wanting to maximize their ROIs before the season gets really cold.

Don’t Wait Until Summer to Contact San Diego Solar Installers?

Whatever the reason, 1 thing is clear.

You don’t need to wait until summertime to install solar panels. 

Most San Diego solar installers operate around the calendar.  And because we take care of all the paperwork and logistics, there’s no reason to wait until summer (when you have more “free” time).

If you’re ready to reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint, don’t delay.

Contact us today for a free solar evaluation.  You pay absolutely nothing for an onsite inspection.

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