San Diego Solar Rebate Program Receives $5 Million Extension

Launched in 2007, California’s solar rebate program was designed to encourage photovoltaic (PV) installations throughout the state.

By reducing installation costs, these solar rebates help make renewable energy much more affordable for average homeowners.

The program was part of California’s larger push to reduce carbon fuel emissions by 80% (from 1990 to 2050).

By all measures, the solar rebate program has been an astounding success:

  • It encouraged the installation of more than 15,000 residential solar systems, representing roughly 75 MW of renewable energy capacity.
  • It also helped push residential solar installation costs down by 45% during its brief run.

But the program was so popular that it ran out of money last January.  No more rebates.

Until now.

The program has just received a $5 million extension.  With this new cash infusion, experts predict that California could add an additional 25 MW of solar capacity before the program exhausts the remaining cash.

What San Diego’s Solar Rebate Means for You

This extension is great news for prospective solar customers all over the state.

  • Installing solar panels is already quite affordable, with average costs hovering around $10K.
  • And the payback periods are already very short – usually 4 to 6 years for a standard residential installation.

But by using these solar rebates, you can reduce the cost of your installation even more – thus – speeding up the payback period and increasing the returns of your investment.

However, it’s important that you understand how solar incentives work.

They’re designed to encourage adoption of PV technology.  As more and more homeowners install solar panels, the incentives get scaled back with time.

This means that early adapters receive the lion’s share of benefits.  And latecomers are stuck with the leftovers.

In other words, this $5 million extension won’t be around forever.  If you’re sitting on the fence about going solar – and you want to keep costs down – now is the BEST time to begin exploring your options.

So What’s the Next Step?

The next step is easy… and it won’t cost you a thing.

At Sunline Energy, we provide 100% free consultations for all prospective customers.

By calling or emailing us today, you’ll receive:

  • an at-home inspection of your property
  • a detailed solar report that outlines costs and savings
  • an energy audit of your home

And none of this costs you a dime.

If you like the figures and numbers, you can move forward.  If not – no worries.  Our customized solar proposal is yours to keep or throw away.

So the very next step is to simply contact us today – before the San Diego solar rebate program runs out of money again.