How Much Do Solar Panels Save You Every Month? Part 2

In Part 1 of How Much Do Solar Panels Save You Every Month?, we looked at the 2 primary reasons why San Diego homeowners and businesses embrace solar technology:

  • PV panels help you save money (i.e. lower utility bills)
  • PV panels help you save the environment (i.e. less pollution)

But how much money and CO2 can solar panels actually help you save?

The answer depends on a number of different factors – discussed down below.

But when done correctly, it’s possible to cut your monthly utility bill to $0.  Some customers even manage to receive negative electricity bills from SDG&E.

And environmentally speaking, it’s possible to turn your home or business into a net positive energy building.  When that happens, you’re not simply reducing your own carbon footprint – you’re helping the entire San Diego community reduce its CO2 emissions.

What Factors Influence Environmental & Financial Solar Savings?

Not surprisingly, the sunniest regions of the world enjoy the most solar potential.  Places like Spain, California, and Egypt are blessed with an abundance of clean sunshine.

But how does one explain the success of solar hotspots like Ontario or Germany?

Simple.  We have to look at some of the other factors that influence solar power generation – and savings.

Let’s review.

1.  Solar PV System Size

Solar is a scalable technology.  1 panel offers instant financial and environmental savings.  As you add more panels to your installation, those savings go up.

2.  Solar PV System Type

Stick with high quality solar panels from reputable manufacturers.  The better the installation, the more power your system will generate per square meter.  And thus, the higher your savings.

3.  Grid-Tied vs. Off-Grid

There’s really no reason not to enroll in San Diego’s net metering program.  Doing so ensures that you maximize your financial savings.  To learn more, click here.

4.  Direct Sunlight vs. Partial Shading

The more sunlight, the better.  Even if you have to cut down trees to reduce shading (it’s strange but true).

5.  Do You Qualify for Local, State, and Federal Solar Incentives

San Diego offers an impressive range of incentives to help you reduce the upfront cost of your solar installation.  These incentives are segmented both by geography (Lemon Grove vs. La Jolla) and installation type (commercial vs. residential).

6.  Historic Energy Consumption

Savings are relative.  And they’re closely linked to your historic electricity consumption.  If your goal is to maximize the environmental and financial savings of your solar installation, be sure to check out our articles on energy efficiency – here and here.

7.  Who Installs Your Solar PV System?

Want to further maximize your savings?  Make sure an experienced, licensed contractor installs your solar PV panels.  The DIY route is actually more expensive.

8.  How You Finance Your Solar Installation

As discussed in Part 1, you’re better off financing your installation with solar loans (or cash) instead of with solar leases.  To learn why, click here.

So How Much Will Your Solar Panels Save You?

Every customer, property, and project is different.  But at Sunline Energy, our goal always remains the same:

Maximize your environmental and financial savings with a high performing solar PV system installed by knowledgeable experts.

After requesting a free consultation and solar quote, we’ll analyze your property and tell you (in advance):

  • What your CO2 offset will become
  • How much money you’ll save every month

This property analysis is 100% free.  Just schedule your appointment today.