The Unbelievable Allure of Do It Yourself Solar Energy
Do it yourself (DIY) solar energy has pretty obvious appeal.  You can begin harnessing free power – with no middlemen, installers, or regulators getting in the way.

The sun belongs to everyone, and there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of this clean and renewable energy source.

But do it yourself solar energy also has a dark side – one that we’ve explored extensively here, and here.  In short, it’s:

  • more expensive
  • less powerful
  • much riskier

But probably, the biggest disadvantage of DIY solar panels is that you don’t qualify for net metering or incentives.  Only installations performed by licensed contractors qualify for these awesome solar programs.

However, we recently received an interesting question from a prospective customer:

“Can’t I just buy DIY solar panels (i.e. a home solar kit) and hire a licensed contractor to complete the installation?”

You could.  There’s no law against it.  But you end up getting the worst of all worlds.  Let’s review.

DIY Solar Panels + a Licensed Solar Contractor

There are 2 reasons why buying a home solar kit and hiring a contractor is a bad idea.

Reason #1
The biggest appeal of do it yourself energy is cost – or rather – the “perceived” cost.

When you handle the job yourself, you don’t have to hire anyone else – and thus – you save money.

We’ve already explained why this isn’t actually true.  DIY solar panels are often more expensive in the long run.  But when you add the extra expense of a professional installer on top, this only increases total installation costs even more.

Reason #2
DIY solar panels just aren’t that good.  A professional installer can assemble a better system for you using higher quality components.  As a result, your customized system will deliver way more energy.

Way more.

Hiring a skilled contractor to install DIY solar panels is like hiring a gourmet chef to make you a Grade B hamburger.

You’re throwing good money at a situation that can’t really be improved.

So What Should You Do Instead?

You basically have 2 options:

Option 1 – Go DIY Solar All the Way
Buy your own panels.  Install them yourself.  And accept the fact that your system will be more expensive than it needs to be – and perform less than it ultimately could.

Option 2 – Go Professional All the Way
Hire a licensed professional who can select the best components and do an expert installation. It’ll be cheaper, perform better, and last longer than any DIY solar solutions ever could.

Yes – it sounds a bit counterintuitive (and self-serving).  As licensed solar installers, of course we’ll recommend that you go the professional route.  But it really is cheaper and better – once you run the numbers.

Don’t believe us?

Shop around for some home solar kits and calculate the costs, time, and power output.  Next, request a free solar quote from us.  Thereafter, you can make up your own mind.

And remember – all Sunline Energy consultations are 100% free of charge.  You have nothing to lose by sending us a quick email.