This is a guest post from our friends over at Steam Showers Inc.

The bathroom is the one room in our homes where water is king. The toilet, steam shower bathtub, sink … every single one of those fixtures uses water, and every drop of water equals money going down the drain.

Making just a few changes is all it takes to make sure that more money stays in your pocket.

Below are some useful tips to help you save money (and water).

Install a Solar Water Heater

Solar power is a natural, renewable, and consistent energy source. It has the power to reduce your costs significantly in one of the most used rooms of your house – the bathroom.

Solar water heaters come in a few different designs depending on the space that’s available in your home – and whether or not you live in a warm or cold climate.

The upfront costs of installing a solar water heater may seem high, but you’ll be able to take advantage of the tax rebates offered in many states.

Remember, too, that the heater will pay for itself in a few years thanks to the money you’ll save on your monthly heating bill.

Check for Leaks

Even an occasional drip from a faucet or toilet tank can end up wasting a lot of water. You may not even realize that there’s a leak in the bathroom until you look at your water bill.

Most leaks can be fixed without calling in a plumber. Check to see where the leak is because that will determine how complex the repair will be. Familiarize yourself with the location of the water shut-off valve, too. You’ll need to turn off the water supply to the fixture before you start the repair.

Change the Fixtures

Water-saving shower heads are now easy to find at any home hardware store. Simply remove the existing shower head and replace it with a low-flow variety.

Better yet, you can attach an aerator to your low-flow shower head to produce the feel of a higher flow system.

Keep It Short

We know. There’s nothing like a long, hot shower. Unfortunately, indulging in that also leads to water and money wastage. The ideal shower length should be about 5 minutes.

Remember to turn the water off while you’re soaping up, too. The same goes for running the water in the sink while you brush your teeth. Limit the amount of water you use, and you’ll see the benefits on your water bill.

Here’s another tip: try to get used to a cooler water temperature. Hot showers feel wonderful, but warm (or even slightly cool) water will save money, energy, and perhaps even improve your circulation.

Let us know how you save water and money in the bathroom.

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