Why To Avoid Cheap Solar Panels

It Pays Off Big To Get Premium Solar Panels

When it comes to solar, it doesn’t pay to cut corners saving money in the short-term.

Your solar system is an investment that will pay off for decades to come, so choose your parts, provider, and installer accordingly.

A solar energy system for your home is becoming an essential modern tool to save on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Some solar buyers want to find extra ways to save when selecting a system. They will think they are saving money by getting cheaper panels when they really are losing money in the long run. Cheaper panels can have tons of design flaws which lead to reduced solar production, are far less durable, and can include warranties that are borderline worthless.

It’s critical as a prospective solar buyer to be aware of the risks of cutting corners in your solar system to save on the front-end. A quality solar system will last for decades with almost no reduced production and minimal maintenance issues. Some frequent panel issues include:

MICRO-CRACKS – Micro-cracks from either poor handling or rough shipping – these can lead to permanent shorts in the panels and potentially even cause them to catch fire.

PANEL HOT-SPOTS – Low-quality solar cells can cause heat build-up and expansion – this defect can cause the glass of the panel to expand and shatter.

PANELS DELAMINATING – Some panels from China are marketed with a German-sounding brand name – these panels suffer from water ingress and delamination, affecting immediate and long-term solar production.

BAD WARRANTIES – Panels from non-reputable brands can include warranties that potentially will not be honored, (especially if the original supplier went out of business!).

POOR QUALITY PANELS – Bad panels can have cell cracks that can be picked up in electroluminescence tests, which happens at the end of the build process. The panels could also be damaged in the transport process if they aren’t properly cabled and secured. Damaged panels can lead to hot spots and dramatically increase the chances of a panel catching fire.

BAD INSTALLATION – If your installer cuts corners or isn’t knowledgeable your panels can suffer the consequences. Whether fixing screws don’t properly have silicone applied or the cable entries aren’t properly routed, don’t let your system suffer from a poor installation.


Make A Sound Investment In Your Solar Panels

Whether it is micro-cracks, hot-spots, bad warranties, or bad panels, all these issues can be avoided by making a sound investment when you select your system. By getting premium panels from reputable companies, you can be confident that your system will perform.

Every solar system owner should want panels that will last for decades, maintain a high solar-production quota, and in the event of issues have a sound warranty to get them fixed if necessary. When it comes to solar it’s best to spend a little extra today to save a lot in the years to come.

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