All over the world, solar photovoltaic (PV) panel prices continue to fall.  As a result of these declining “hard costs,” going solar becomes more affordable with each passing day.

But solar installation costs could fall even faster if the industry managed to shrink the “soft costs” that come with each system.  Soft costs include things like marketing, inspections, and other non-equipment related expenses.  And unfortunately, these costs have remained quite high.

As discussed in a previous article, installers and government agencies all over the country are trying to reduce soft costs by standardizing the solar inspection process.  If successfully implemented, streamlined permitting could help reduce installation costs by as much as 25%.

Even better news.

We just learned of a new software platform that could help reduce San Diego solar installation soft costs even more.

Introducing enACT’s Automated Solar Sales Workflow

To understand what this software does, it helps to understand how the standard solar sales process works:

  • An interested customer contacts a solar installer for a free quote
  • The solar installer reviews the client’s property, electricity usage, and credit history.
  • Both parties review costs, payback periods, and financing options before finalizing an official contract.
  • Finally, the solar contractor designs and installs the PV system.

enACT is a new software technology that will hopefully expedite the process by reducing delays and prescreening solar candidates.

According to enACT, solar installers will be able to save hours of time during the initial consultation and contract review period.  By automating the process, installers don’t have to invest as many resources doing credit checks, drafting proposals, or structuring financing arrangements (i.e. solar loans or leases).

In addition, cost estimates could be 90% more accurate – making the entire process more transparent.

As a potential solar customer, you’ll probably never personally use enACT.  After all, it is a sales-based technology targeted towards solar installers.  But at Sunline Energy, we’re definitely interested in what this software can do.  It has the potential to make our own jobs much easier.  We’ll be able to do more installs in less time – with fewer costs.

This means that your installation will be even cheaper, and the payback period of your investment will be even shorter.

San Diego Solar Installation Soft Costs – Getting to 100% Accuracy

90% accuracy is pretty darn good.  But as enACT’s CEO, Deep Chakraborty, points out, “To get to 100% [accuracy] requires climbing the roof.  No software tool can achieve that.”

This is why the first 2 steps in the sales process are so important:

  • You still need to contact the solar installer for a free consultation.
  • That installer still needs to visit your home or business and do a property assessment.

If you’d like Sunline Energy to review your property, contact us today for a free solar quote.  You pay nothing to have our team walk you through all of the ins and outs of going solar.