Will Solar Panels Allow Me to Unplug from San Diego’s Utility Grid?

The ability to “opt out” of the utility game is one the biggest selling points of renewable energy.  And there’s no shortage of San Diego solar companies that promote 100% energy independence in their marketing literature.

The prospect is irresistible.  Severing all ties with SDG&E and other utility companies in San Diego County.

But can this really happen?  Can installing solar panels on your rooftop truly liberate you 100%?

The quick answer is yes.

But to become totally self-reliant, you’ll need to purchase on-site storage (i.e. solar batteries) for when the sun goes down.  Although the technology is growing leaps and bounds, most batteries are still prohibitively expensive for average homeowners and businesses.

These higher costs can increase the total installation price substantially, and they can also delay your financial payback period for years.

Sadly, many San Diego solar companies leave these details out of the sales pitch – and continue promoting dreams of 100% energy independence.

This dream is still possible.  But it’s usually not worth the extra hassle and price.

You should only consider switching exclusively to solar if your property is too remote for grid connectivity.  Some homes and businesses are so far away from the closest network that laying transmission lines is just way too costly.

So What Should San Diego Solar Companies Promote Instead?

You know what’s better than cutting all ties from SDG&E?

Getting paid to feed electricity into the SDG&E power network.

With net metering, you send excess solar power into the utility grid (as a credit) and buy back fossil fuel electricity at night (as a debit).  If you sell more power than you consume, then SDG&E owes you money (or credits).

Now, you won’t be 100% energy independent.  And you’ll still have a relationship with SDG&E (or your local power provider).  But isn’t it nice to receive negative or zero electricity bills every month instead of paying money?

At Sunline Energy, we think that’s a pretty sweet deal.  And a growing number of homeowners think the same thing, from Imperial Beach to Fallbrook to Chula Vista.

The ability to have SDG&E pay you is only 1 of many benefits that solar offers.  For a more comprehensive list of reasons for why you should go solar today, click here and here.