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Summer is the most popular time for people to look into getting set-up with a solar energy system. Typically this coincides with when the first large electrical bill hits in late May or early June. Afterwards homeowners look for ways to alleviate this pain, with the clear answer being to go solar. What they didn’t realize was you don’t need to wait until summer to go solar. Renewable energy advocates say winter is just as a reasonable a time to consider solar.

It takes a considerable amount of time to get a solar energy system “live.” From selecting which solar company to work with to actually getting the system functional, there is a lot to do and it takes considerable time. Post-installation the utility company will need to inspect the PV system with an expert. As summer is the busiest time for solar sign-ups it can cause considerable delays with the utility company. Standard estimates are 60 to 90 days (or more) from the time a contract is signed with a solar company before the system is operational. By starting the process in summer it almost insures it won’t be completed until fall or early winter.

Another benefit of starting during the colder seasons is that benefits the workers tremendously. The installers will be on your roof throughout the process and hotter temperatures can be an obstruction. Workers will either need to work shorter hours (skipping the hottest part of the day) or they will need to work late at night (which can be annoyance). Comfortable workers are less likely to be rushing to complete the job, so consider creating a less stressful environment for them to work in. You can feel more relaxed knowing they are taking their time and doing the work perfectly.

A common mis-perception is that the hotter the day, the higher the level of energy production in solar panels. The opposite is actually true; panels operate with higher efficiency in colder temperatures. The production in panels has to do with the amount of light hitting the panel, not the actual temperature of the panel. Though there is more light during summer, the increased efficiency during winter tends to balance out the overall production level of the panels.

Regardless of the time of year, solar is the best way to address increasing energy costs while remaining environmentally conscious. Whether it’s the winter or the summer you should start the process of going solar immediately. There is no better time to start planning for the future than today.

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