Why We’re the Best Solar Installer in San Diego – Speed

In Part 1 of this 5-part series, we explored why our commitment to customer service consistently places us among the best solar installers in San Diego.  From start to finish, we do all the heavy lifting for you, including all of the paperwork, inspectiTextons, and permits required to go solar.

But it’s not simply the level of service that we provide.  It’s also the speed.

You see, the average solar installation time in California ranges between 3 and 6 months.  That’s quite a long wait – especially for fence-sitters who occasionally get cold feet.  But even the most committed solar customers suffer.  After all, that’s an additional 3 to 6 months of utility bills, CO2 emissions, and lost savings.

Every Sunrise Is a Missed Opportunity If You Don’t Have Solar

At Sunline Energy, our attitude is you shouldn’t have to wait.  Every sunrise (without panels on your rooftop) represents another missed opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and grow your bank account.

This is why we’ve invested so many resources to reduce the installation time from 6 months to 1 month.  From the moment you contract our services, your panels will be up and fully operational within 30 days (on average).

But how do we accomplish this exactly?

There are actually several reasons behind our unmatched installation speeds:

1.  Regional Expertise

We are 100% local (i.e. we only work within the San Diego area).  Although this regional focus limits the number of customers we serve, it also means that we’re exceptionally well versed in incentives, regulations, and codes specific to San Diego.

2.  We Don’t Outsource

Every aspect of your solar installation is handled 100% in-house.  From inspections to engineering to installation, we handle everything on our own.  This not only helps us manage the quality of our work, but it also reduces redundancies and wait times.

3.  Solar Experience

Our NABCEP-certified installation team has successfully completed hundreds of solar projects for residential, commercial, and municipal customers.  Over the years, we’ve streamlined our formula to reduce many of the costly errors and wasteful delays that plague the solar industry.

Does a 5-Month Difference Make Us the Best Solar Installer in San Diego?

Does it really matter whether you wait 6 months or 1 month for your solar panels to become operational?

Honestly, it depends.  Every person is so different.  But if your goal is to maximize your savings, 5 months can have a huge impact.  Think about it like this:

  • If your current utility bill is $200 a month, going solar could reduce your electricity spending to $0 (it’s true).
  • However, if you must wait 6 months (instead of 30 days), that’s 5 additional months of utility bills.  We’re talking about an extra $1,000 that you shouldn’t have to pay.
  • That’s also 5 extra months where something might go wrong.  For example, incentives could expire or the bank could reconsider your loan application.

Still need more convincing?

Put us to the test and request a free solar quote from our expert installation team today.