Why We Choose SolarWorld Panels for Our Solar Installations
As discussed in our 2 previous articles (all of the solar components that make up your installation are important.

Having inferior inverters, mounting, or racking can compromise the total energy output of your system.

But in many ways, solar panels are the backbone of a well functioning installation.  This is why we devote considerable thought to the photovoltaic (PV) panels that we use right here in San Diego.

When selecting solar panels, we primarily focus on:

  • Total energy output.  We want to make sure that your rooftop delivers the most power per square inch.
  • Durability.  Breakages, malfunctions, and replacements can all affect the payback period of your installation.  We only choose solar panels that deliver a minimum warranty of 25 years or longer.
  • Cost.  After controlling for the above two factors, cost is the next most important criterion.

So How Do SolarWorld Panels Stack Up?

Out of all the different solar panel manufacturers out there, why do we choose SolarWorld for our installations?

Let’s review.

  • Energy output.  When it comes to solar energy output, few panels can approach the performance that SolarWorld’s technology delivers.  These guys have been producing panels since 1975 – and it shows.  If your goal is to generate as much energy per square inch as possible, choosing SolarWorld is a no-brainer.
  • Durability.  SolarWorld offers a standard 25-year warranty with all of the panels in its product line.  These panels are rigorously tested for hail, blizzards, salt water, and everything in between.
  • Cost.  SolarWorld’s panels are competitively priced.  It’s certainly possible to find cheaper panels (China exports these all the time).  But remember that price is arguably the least important criterion when it comes to panel selection.  Read here for more.

SolarWorld Panels – American-Made Since 1975

There is one more factor that explains why we love SolarWorld panels.

Despite being a German company, SolarWorld operates facilities and offices right here in the United States.  In fact, it manufactures more silicon solar cells than all other American producers combined.

We really like this aspect.  There are countless solar producers all over the world (especially in China).  But SolarWorld continues to create American jobs, helping the local solar industry thrive and flourish.

However, SolarWorld is not the only panel manufacturer that we use in our installations.  Tune in tomorrow when we look at another favorite of ours – LG solar panels.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about installations, payback periods, or other solar-related issues, contact us today for a free consultation.