Why San Diego Residents Are Prime Candidates for Solar Power
It’s not difficult to understand why solar energy is becoming more mainstream.  Lower monthly electricity bills, income generation potential, and smaller carbon footprints are just 3 of the biggest reasons why so many Americans continue to install solar panels on their rooftops.

In 2012 alone, there were more than 83,000 new residential installations across the nation.

But some regions of the country are able to leverage the above benefits better than others.  San Diego’s solar power potential, for example, makes it an ideal candidate for photovoltaic (PV) installations.

Let’s explore why.

San Diego Solar Power Factor #1 – Californian Sunshine

The most obvious factor is sunshine – a resource that San Diego has in abundance.

You don’t actually need a lot of sun to generate clean solar energy.  Germany is one of the largest solar markets on the planet, despite its northern latitude and relatively overcast skies.  But sunshine helps.

More solar rays = more clean electricity.

All things being equal, a PV installation in San Diego will deliver more solar power output than a comparable installation in most other parts of the country.  This also means that San Diego residents who install solar enjoy lower monthly electricity bills and faster payback periods than their counterparts in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco.

San Diego Solar Power Factor #2 – Rising Electricity Rates

The next factor is grid electricity – or rather, the price of grid electricity.  California already has some of the most expensive energy in the country, with San Diego being one of the most expensive markets in the state.  Worse still, those prices continue to go up.

Just this year, SDG&E raised its rates by 12.2%.

Solar installations protect you from future price hikes.  Each additional kilowatt of installed solar capacity moves your electricity bill closer and closer to $0 a month.  Even with a relatively small solar installation, your electricity savings only grow with time.  If utility rates double overnight, so do your monthly savings.

San Diego Solar Power Factor #3 – Unreliable Grid Electricity

Maybe it’s the heat waves.   Perhaps it’s the earthquakes.  Or probably just aging infrastructure.  But California’s reputation for unreliable grid electricity is well deserved.  Black outs and brown outs are common throughout the year.

But with a solar installation, you can opt out of these power failures – even when the sun isn’t shining.  On-site battery storage allows you to continue powering your appliances whether your neighbors have electricity or not.

Ready to Begin Exploring Your Solar Power Options?

If you live in San Diego, there’s never been a better time to go solar.  And given an opportunity, we at Sunline Energy would be thrilled to help you make this transition to a more affordable and sustainable way of life.



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