Why Having So Many Solar Energy Companies in San Diego Is a Bad Thing

In an earlier post, we explored why having so many solar energy companies in San Diego is a great thing.  Some of the top reasons included:

  • More solar energy companies = cleaner environment.  Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity makes our neighborhoods cleaner and greener.  For strictly environmental reasons, I’d like to see more solar installers – not fewer.
  • More solar energy companies = more solar growth.  San Diego businesses and homeowners are hungry for sustainable, renewable power.  But there aren’t enough installers to keep pace with growing demand.
  • More solar energy companies = higher quality.  Competition is good for the consumer, but it’s also good for the service provider.  In order to win your business, we must constantly innovate.

But there’s a downside to having so many competing solar energy companies in the greater San Diego area.

Let me explain.

Disadvantages of Too Many San Diego Solar Energy Companies

Solar installation is one of those rare career fields for which you don’t need formal training.  To become a masseuse or hairdresser, licensing and certification are mandatory in most states.  But to work with high voltage electrical equipment, all you need are a roof and some panels.

It’s true.

On the surface, this is wonderful.  Anyone who wants to lead a more sustainable lifestyle can purchase a solar installation kit and begin taking full ownership of how they generate and use electricity.

At Sunline Energy, we enthusiastically support any and all hobbyists who embrace solar.

The problem comes when these hobbyists begin launching “professional” solar installation companies – without proper certification, licensing, and training.

The most immediate downside is the safety factor.  Again, we’re talking about high voltage electrical equipment.  Although rare, accidents like fires, electrocutions, equipment malfunctions, and even death can and do occur.

Less obvious to many prospective solar customers are the incentives and benefits you lose when contracting a pseudo-professional.

In order to qualify for solar energy rebates, tax credits, and certain types of financing, your panels must be installed and grid-connected by a licensed contractor.  If you hire a non-certified installer, be prepared to pay full price for a new system – 100% out-of-pocket.

For San Diego’s Solar Energy Boom to Thrive…

If you’re a hobbyist and want to install solar panels on your rooftop, we couldn’t be happier.  Solar power is one of the most democratic and sustainable ways to generate clean, free electricity.

But for San Diego’s solar revolution to succeed, we must have standards.  This means: