Why Having So Many San Diego Solar Companies Is a Good Thing
At Sunline Energy, we’re in direct competition with all the other solar companies throughout the greater San Diego area.  Every new customer they receive is one that we’ll never have – and vice versa.

When I say “never” – I really mean it.  A quality solar installation typically lasts 30+ years.  With zero moving parts, repairs are exceedingly rare and the upkeep is minimal.  Ours is not an industry driven by “repeat business.”

So why would we ever cheer on our competitors?  Why would we be glad that there are so many San Diego solar companies vying for our prospects?

Quality San Diego Solar Companies Are Our Competitors – Not Our Rivals

Although we compete directly with a number of reputable San Diego solar companies, we’re not necessarily rivals – at least not in the traditional sense.

What do I mean by that exactly?

Rivals usually have adversarial, opposing goals.  They don’t simply want to win – they want to vanquish.  But this goes against the entire “green” philosophy.  All of us in the solar industry ultimately want the same thing.  We want to build a cleaner future powered by the sun.

So while it’s true that we at Sunline Energy want your business, we genuinely applaud our competitors’ success.  Each new solar installation makes San Diego greener and more sustainable – regardless of who actually installs the system.

Demand for San Diego Solar Companies Exceeds Supply

There are hundreds of thousands of homes in San Diego County.  When you add in all of the individual businesses, schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings, we’re approaching 1 million rooftops.

That’s 1 million potential candidates for lower electricity bills and smaller carbon footprints.

But here’s the thing.  Even if the number of San Diego solar companies doubled overnight, we’d be nowhere close to meeting the county’s current demand for new solar installations.  And that demand is only going up due to falling solar panel prices and rising electricity bills.  See our earlier post on this very topic.

In other words, there are plenty of installation opportunities.  San Diego is merely in the early stages of an explosive solar energy boom.

San Diego Solar Companies Keep Us on Our Toes

Competition is good for the consumer.  But it’s also good for us, the service provider.  It keeps us – well – it keeps us competitive.

At Sunline Energy, we must constantly innovate to ensure we deliver optimal value to our customers.

It’s not always easy to distinguish ourselves in a sea of options, but we honestly welcome the challenge.  We’re thankful for the opportunity to prove ourselves time and time again.  There’s a lot of work involved, but words can’t describe the satisfaction we feel from a job well done.

If we’re lucky enough to win your business, we’ll do everything in our power to make your solar transition as enjoyable as possible.  If you decide to go solar with one of our competitors, then we congratulate you on your decision to join the green revolution.