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Did you know you can install solar panels on your own home or business?

It’s true.  You don’t need to hire a licensed San Diego solar contractor to handle the installation.

There are solar kits available online.  All you really need are a few manuals, some tools, and a ladder.  And you can begin generating free electricity with every sunrise.

But there are some major downsides to doing the job yourself (or hiring a solar hobbyist to do the job for you).

Let’s review.

1.  Your Solar Installation May Not Qualify for Grid Connectivity

In order to connect your solar photovoltaic (PV) installation to the utility grid, it must be setup by licensed electricians and contractors.

The exact terms and conditions vary by region, but in most cases, your installation won’t qualify for net metering.

This isn’t a huge problem if you live in a remote area where utility electricity isn’t an option.  But in major urban or suburban areas, you’ll be missing out on one of the biggest benefits of solar energy – the ability to feed excess electricity into the grid at a profit.

2.  Your Solar Installation May Not Qualify for Green Incentives

Again, the exact terms and conditions vary by region, but solar installations completed by non-licensed professionals don’t necessarily qualify for local, state, or federal incentives (i.e. tax credits and rebates).

Without access to these incentives, your solar installation will be much more expensive.

3.  Your Solar Installation May Not Qualify for Financing

If you plan to finance your installation with loans or leases, you may be required to hire a licensed San Diego solar contractor.

Each lending institution and lessor will use slightly different rules, but in all cases, they want to see a return on their investment.

This means hiring true professionals who know how to properly install solar PV systems for optimal performance.

4.  Solar Can Be Dangerous – If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Fires are rare.  Accidents don’t normally happen.  And there has never been a “solar” spill in recorded history.

But you’re still working with high voltage electrical equipment.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be setting yourself up for serious injuries – or property damage.

5.  Your Solar Installation May Underperform

Solar is an investment in which every percentage point matters.  The more energy your panels generate, the greater your savings.

It’s similar to gas mileage.  34 mpg vs. 35 mpg may not seem like a lot at first.  But over time, this small difference can translate to hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

To ensure you receive the most power per square meter from your installation, you should hire licensed solar contractors who know exactly what they’re doing.

Ready to Hire an Experienced San Diego Solar Contractor?

If you live in San Diego, there’s no shortage of qualified solar contractors who can help you with your installation.

But there are also a lot of inexperienced ones as well.

So make sure you ask the right types of questions before hiring someone to install your solar PV system.

As always, we’d love to have your business.  All Sunline Energy consultations are 100% free.