Why Every Business in San Diego Should Go Solar

At Sunline Energy, we believe strongly in solar potential.  In nearly every post, we extol the virtues and benefits of switching over from fossil fuel to sunshine – whether to power your home, business, or travel (yes – travel).

In short, solar is a clear win.  Starting on Day 1 (and for the next 25 to 40 years), you benefit from:

All for less than what you currently pay.

But believe it or not, there are some solar customers who benefit more than others.  Businesses in San Diego can actually reap even bigger solar rewards than residential users can.

This post explores the many benefits of commercial solar installations.

The Enviable Benefits of a Commercial San Diego Solar Installation

So why do businesses stand more to gain from going solar than ordinary homeowners?

Let’s review.

1.  Solar Makes You More Competitive
Solar energy lowers your electricity bills – whether you own a business or a home.

But there’s an important distinction.

Homeowners don’t compete with one another.  True, there may be “grass-is-greener” envy as you try to keep up with the Joneses.  But that’s not true competition.  Your neighbor’s new pool or car doesn’t leave you worse off.

Businesses, on the other hand, must constantly compete with one another over market share.  Having lower electricity bills allows you to devote more resources towards other goals (like developing better products and services).

Right now, solar represents a powerful competitive advantage.  But as the technology becomes even more mainstream, it will become a business necessity.

2.  Solar Offers Larger Savings

If you’re like most businesses, your hours of operation are during the day – when electricity prices are at their highest.  And if you’re a heavy user, your business may get hit by demand charges and other types of fines.

Solar energy offers you increased protection against these hefty fees.  By avoiding demand charges and peak rates, you have more disposable income for other business activities.

3.  Solar Is a Business Expense
Although both businesses and homeowners can apply for any number of solar incentives, commercial installations have the added benefit of depreciation.

You can spread the cost of your solar investment over many years – and actually deduct these costs as legitimate business expenses.

Not a bad deal.

4.  Businesses Usually Have More Space
Obviously, every commercial property is unique.  But in most cases, businesses have more available roof space than residential properties do.  This means you can install larger solar PV systems and enjoy even bigger financial and environmental returns from your investment.

Ready to Explore Your Commercial Solar Options?

Honestly, the above list is only scratching the surface.  Business customers also benefit from more solar incentives, more financing options, and more design choices than their residential counterparts do.

Each of these advantages deserves a blog post of its own.  And we’ll likely publish some in the coming weeks.

But if you’re already sold – or at least curious – then request a free solar quote from us today.  We’ll send a team out to your property and assess its solar energy potential (100% free of charge).