Why Did Google Just Buy Its Own San Diego Solar Installation?

In an earlier post, we outline some of the benefits that San Diego companies enjoy when purchasing a commercial solar installation.

Very quickly, those benefits include:

  • lower electricity bills
  • higher income generation potential
  • smaller carbon footprints (great for PR)
  • depreciation and tax benefits

These perks aren’t marketing fluff.  They’re very real.

If you need further proof – just look at Google.

The search behemoth recently bought a $103 million solar photovoltaic (PV) plant at Mount Signal – just outside of San Diego.

With a clean energy generation capacity of 266 megawatts, this new plant represents Google’s largest ever investment in solar PV.

But Why Would Google Buy into a San Diego Solar Installation?

Google’s recent acquisition is relatively easy to understand.  The company has unbelievably high energy costs.  In addition to storage and processing, Google must also “cool” its overheated data centers.

By installing solar, the company can dramatically reduce electricity costs, freeing up money for other projects – like developing better search, email, and social media.

Better still, Google will also sell some of its excess energy to SDG&E – at a profit.

Under San Diego’s net metering program, businesses and homeowners are allowed to make money from their solar investments.  Some actually sell so much excess electricity that they receive negative utility bills every month.

It’s doubtful that Google will ever begin receiving negative electricity bills.  But one thing is clear – the company’s San Diego solar installation will help make it more competitive.  Even super successful businesses must constantly look for ways to get an edge.  In fact, this may be what makes them super successful to begin with.

But You’re Not Google – and You Don’t Have $103 Million

Google has oodles of cash.  It can afford to spend millions on a new solar project.

But what about your business?  What if you don’t have those kinds of funds laying around?

Well, you probably don’t need 266 megawatts of solar capacity.  Depending on the size of your business (and the available rooftop or land space), you can probably get away with something in the 5 kilowatt to 100 kilowatt range.

At that size, we’re talking about thousands of dollars – not millions.  And you still enjoy all of the great financial and environmental benefits that come with solar.

To learn more about commercial solar installations in San Diego, contact us today for a free consultation.

We’ll walk you through the entire solar installation process and even send a survey team to your company for an inspection – at zero cost to you.