Why California Has More Solar Than All Other States Combined
Last week, we covered an interesting story about how California had reached a critical milestone within the renewable energy industry. The state now has nearly 10 GW of solar energy capacity.

This is slightly more than 50% of the nation’s total solar power.

Think about that for a second.

What this really means is that California has more solar than all other states combined (all 49 of them).

We have so much solar power that our state receives 5% of its energy from the sun. That’s pretty amazing.

Now, the overwhelming majority of this solar power is utility-scale, meaning that it comes from mega solar farms in the middle of the desert. Most of these investments are required under California’s ambitious renewable energy portfolio standards. The state has mandated that utilities generate at least 33% of their electricity from green power sources. And because solar is one of the most versatile and affordable renewable energy solutions out there, it’s the power generation technology of choice for most utilities throughout California.

But a considerable amount of this additional solar capacity comes from normal residential and commercial installations – i.e. average rooftops across the state. By the end of 2014, over 2,300 MW of “rooftop” solar capacity came online.

And just so we’re clear, these businesses and homeowners are not going solar out of the kindness of their hearts. For most of them, installing rooftop PV panels is a financial decision. This is because going solar is often cheaper than sticking with traditional utility power.

California and 9 other states have already reached grid parity. And by the end of 2017, this will be the case in all but 3 states across the entire country.

And utility companies know this.

This is why they are frantically trying to erect as many barriers as possible to widespread solar adoption.

Fortunately, California has a Solar Bill of Rights that prevents 3rd parties from interfering with your ability to harness clean and free sunshine. Neither utilities nor homeowners associations can get in between you and the sun.

Even apartment renters can get in on the action, thanks to a growing number of community solar gardens that allow stakeholders to pool their resources and own their slice of the renewable energy pie.

It also helps that California has some of the most attractive solar incentives in the country – maybe even in the world.

Going solar is also an environmental decision. You’re not simply saving a ton of money, but you’re also helping to protect the planet. Photovoltaic technology doesn’t pollute. And installing panels is a powerful and affordable way to help mitigate the devastating effects of global warming.

So given the environmental and financial benefits of going solar in California, it is little wonder why our state leads America in total installed capacity by such a wide margin.

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