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Whether you’re shopping for attorneys, lawn care specialists, or solar installers, there are many different factors that go into the decision-making process.

But at the end of the day, the fit has to feel right.  This is especially true for solar installers.  After all, you’re inviting a team of experts into your home with the expectation that your installation will deliver decades of clean, free electricity.

Obviously, you want to hire the right contractor for the job.  But what are the most important criteria when comparing different solar installation companies?

There is no magical answer.  Every homeowner and business manager has slightly different goals.  But below are just a handful of reasons why Sunline Energy consistently ranks among the “best” solar installers in San Diego.  Hopefully, one or some of these factors will influence your decision to contract us.

1.  The Importance of Solar Installation Service

Going solar is incredibly easy.  But there are a lot of steps involved if you’re serious about lowering your monthly electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible.

Applications, permits, and inspections take up a lot of time.  Then you also have the actual installation process itself.

At Sunline Energy, our commitment to service is absolute.  Going solar is easy – but we make it even easier by handling all of the paperwork, heavy lifting, and details 100% on your behalf.  To learn more about how we work, click here.

2.  The Importance of Solar Installation Speed

In San Diego, it takes an average of 3 to 6 months to go solar (once you start the process).  But at Sunline Energy, our average installation time is about 30 days – inclusive of all the paperwork, permits, and inspections.

Why does this matter?  Because we help you avoid an extra 5 months of unnecessary utility bills.  If your current electricity bill is $200 a month, we’re talking about $1,000 in additional savings.  And this is only 1 of many benefits of having a fast solar installation turnaround.  To learn more, click here.

3.  The Importance of Solar Installation Quality

Anyone can install solar panels.  Even you.  But for optimal savings, you want an installation that delivers the most energy per square meter possible.  And this is where we excel.  We only use the highest quality solar components to ensure that your investment delivers the best returns.

To learn more about the solar components we use, click here.

4.  The Importance of Solar Installation Price

At Sunline Energy, we don’t deliberately compete on price (although our prices are incredibly competitive).  We compete on payback periods.  When you contract our solar installation services, you’ll make your money back 50% sooner than the industry average for California (4 to 6 years instead of 9).

To understand how we accomplish this, click here.

5.  The Importance of Solar Installation Reputation

The above are all critical factors that go into the decision-making process.  But at the end of the day, the success of our formula comes down to reputation.  If we didn’t consistently deliver results for our clients, our business wouldn’t be able to survive – let alone thrive.

Thankfully, we’ve invested heavily in our reputation by ensuring that our payback periods, parts, and service remain unmatched within the industry.

At the time of this writing, we have more 5-star reviews on Yelp than any other solar installer in San Diego.  And our peers within the industry have honored us by listing our services among the best of what this country has to offer.  To learn more about what others have to say about our solar installation services, click here.

Let Us Prove Why We’re the Best Solar Installer in San Diego

We could talk about ourselves all day long – listing the many virtues of our professional solar installation services.

But ultimately, what we want most is an opportunity to demonstrate our value in person.  And were prepared to make the process easier than you could possibly imagine.

Request a free, no-obligation solar consultation with our team today.  We’ll walk you through the numbers.  Show you some design ideas.  Discuss different financing options.  And you’ll have a chance to see precisely how we work – without spending a single dime.

If you like what you see, then we’d be thrilled to help you transition from utility power to a truly sun-powered lifestyle.

Request your free solar quote today!