Who Is the Best Solar Energy Contractor in San Diego County, Part 6

Okay.  Welcome to the final installment of our 6-part series on Finding the Best Solar Energy Contractor in San Diego.

In previous posts, we’ve covered a range of different criteria – all important and all relatively easy to measure:

  • The price is the price.  You can’t really hide this.
  • When it comes to experience and speed, either they have it or they don’t.

But at Sunline Energy, many of our clients want something more.

They view solar power as a long-term relationship – with the sun, with the planet, and even with their installation team.  Payback periods and monthly electricity bill savings are still important.  But going solar offers more than monetary gain.

Solar energy represents a new lifestyle.  One defined by environmental responsibility and fellowship.  You’ve partially opted out of the fossil fuel cycle and joined the growing hundreds of thousands who believe in a cleaner and greener world.

A world powered by beautiful sunshine.

If you fall into this category of customers, you might be interested in what we call the “X” factor – that intangible quality that transforms ordinary business relationships into something more meaningful.

So what does the X factor include?  And should you focus on this when searching for a solar installation team?

The Best Solar Energy Contractor in San Diego – the X Factor

The X Factor means different things to different people.  But based on feedback from our own customers, we define it as:

1.  Genuine Passion for Solar Energy 

Yes, you can save money.  And yes, you can increase the property value of your home.

But even if solar energy didn’t offer these things, we’d still champion the technology.  It’s great for the environment.  It helps to create local green jobs.  And it taps into a truly infinite power source (the sun).

Our passion for solar extends well beyond the typical business day.

Most of our staff have solar installed on their own homes.  We live it and breathe it – day in and day out.  And we’re excited to share this enthusiasm for sustainable, affordable, and clean energy with anyone willing to listen.

2.  Personable Staff

Some solar installation teams come in, finish the job, and just leave.  And like that the relationship is over.  There’s no personal interaction beyond the installation itself.

Not so at Sunline Energy.

When you contract our services, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way and answering any questions you might have – from start to finish and for many years after.

You become family.  And we’re thrilled to invite you to our exclusive (but growing) club of solar enthusiasts.

The X factor is hard to quantify.  And the above things may not be important to you at all.  But if you’re passionate about sustainable living and the future of this planet, it’s worth researching the above qualities when looking for an installation team.  The relationship has to “feel right.”

So Are We the Best Solar Company in All of San Diego?

We’d certainly like to think so.  But our opinion isn’t what matters.  You’ve got to make the final determination yourself.

However, we’d love an opportunity to show you what we’re made of.  With one simple email, you can discover why we consistently receive rave reviews from our customers – and why we continue to grow year after year.

We love solar and believe that you’ll fall in love with it as well.