Who Is The Best Solar Contractor in San Diego, California? Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd installment in this 6-part series on finding the best solar contractor in San Diego.

As already mentioned (in Part 1), you can’t simply ask someone whether they’re the best.  The answer will always be yes (even if you ask us).

So we’ve started running through some of the criteria that many prospective customers use when searching for qualified installers.  Yesterday, we covered the importance of price – and discovered that price isn’t so important.

Today, we’ll turn to 2 more criteria.

The Best Solar Contractors in San Diego Based on Speed

You’ve decided to go solar.  And you can’t wait to get your panels online as soon as possible.

We understand your enthusiasm completely.

Once you’ve embraced a cleaner and more affordable lifestyle, you want to hit the ground running.  No delays, please.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

There are forms and paperwork that must be filled out.  A few inspections and permits.  And then the actual installation itself.  It takes time to go solar, and there’s no way around it (even if you do the installation yourself – which we don’t recommend).

Speed is important.  But not as important as you think.

Let’s explore why.

Your system will last a minimum of 25 years.  And as mentioned before, a well-installed solar PV system can last 40 years or more.  This is not a process you want to rush.  The focus should be on doing a great job the very first time around.

This means making sure you have all of the applications, permits, financing, incentives, and inspections filed correctly.  Take the time to carefully review these materials and avoid solar contractors who try to expedite the process.

Missteps and sloppy paperwork will only result in longer waits (and inferior returns).

That being said, we do everything in our power to get our customers’ systems online as soon as possible.  All Sunline Energy projects (to date) have become fully operational – on time and under budget.

Moreover, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you – from your initial solar consultation until your system is fully operational.  We even provide post-installation maintenance and cleaning.

We’re very proud of our track record when it comes to speed and delivery.  There may be solar installers who are faster, but no contractors in San Diego exceed our attention to detail.  And none approaches the level of handholding that we offer.

Are We the Best Solar Power Contractor for the Job?

If speed is your primary concern, we’re not the best.  But if receiving a high quality solar PV system (ahead of schedule and under budget) is your goal, then perhaps we are.

But don’t make any decisions just yet.  We still have more ground to cover in this ongoing series.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some additional criteria and requirements in your solar installer search.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions.  All consultations (and quotes) are 100% free.