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You’re in the market for a new solar installation.  You already understand all of the great benefits of solar energy, including:

  • Lower (or zero) monthly electricity bills

But your goal is to find the best possible solar installation that you can.  In your quest, does it make more sense to focus on parts (i.e. the components used) or labor (i.e. the people doing the installation)?

Which of these 2 will have a greater influence on the overall ROI (return on investment) and payback period of your solar investment?

Let’s review.

Making the Case for High Quality PV Parts and Solar ROI

Last week, we discussed the importance of quality solar components.  As a general rule, the better the solar equipment, the higher the ROI of your investment.

This is because superior solar components deliver more energy per square inch than inferior parts do.  And because of its higher energy output, quality solar parts typically enjoy much shorter payback periods (i.e. they pay for themselves very quickly).

Moreover, higher quality components last longer.  So this means after the payback period, you’ll enjoy many more years of clean, free electricity.  Whereas most manufacturer warranties last 20 or 25 years, a quality solar photovoltaic (PV) installation can easily last 40+ years.

Think about that for a second.

Your installation could last 40+ years if it’s built using durable, rigorously tested, high quality solar components.  4 decades from now, the installation team will have long been forgotten.  But the parts will remain.  Obviously, the solar components you use are of the utmost importance.

So What Solar Parts Do We Use and Why?

At Sunline Energy, we use a range of different solar components.  This gives us the flexibility to mix and match as we customize solar installations for each individual customer.

But as a general rule, we stick primarily with:

  • Inverter technologies from Enphase and SMA

These leading brands help us and our clients achieve payback periods that exceed the industry average.

Making the Case for Solar Installation Labor?

At Sunline Energy, we use high quality components.  But is this really the secret behind our success?  After all, anyone could go out and buy these same parts.  That doesn’t mean they’d be able to duplicate our winning formula.

Tune in tomorrow when we look at the importance of the labor behind your installation.

In the meantime, if you have any questions – contact us directly.  All consultations are 100% free.