When Choosing San Diego Solar Installers – Should You Go Big or Small?
When shopping for San Diego solar installers, you have many options.  There are national outfits that handle installations from coast to coast.  And there are smaller solar installation companies that are exclusive to the San Diego market.

Which one should you choose?

As a solar installer that works predominantly in southern California, our answer at Sunline Energy is simple.  Go local.

Obviously, we’re biased.  But with good reason.  There are important benefits to contracting local installers who specialize in the San Diego market.  Let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest advantages.

Benefit 1: San Diego Solar Installers Understand the Local Market

When you contract a local solar installer, you’re hiring someone who truly understands the opportunities and challenges unique to your region.

  • Incentives, permits, and financing options vary – not just from state to state – but from county to county.
  • Sunsets, sunrises, weather, seasons – these are also highly geo-dependent variables that affect the power output of your solar installation.


If you have questions about solar rebates in Boston or tax credits in Fort Lauderdale – we can’t help.  A national installation company “may” be able to answer your questions.


  • If you’re curious about the best way to finance a new installation in San Diego County
  • If you want to know more about SDG&E’s electricity price hike
  • If have questions about available San Diego solar incentives to help you bring costs down


We’re experts in these areas.  It’s what we do – day in and day out.

Benefit 2: San Diego Solar Installers Provide Continuity of Service

One of the great things about solar technology is that repairs are extremely rare.  Once installed, your panels will continue delivering clean electricity for the next 25 – 40 years – with minimal upkeep.

But, breakages can and do happen.

When you contract a national company, the team that installs your system won’t necessarily be the same team that services your system 5, 10, or 15 years from now.  Many of the larger installation companies simply assign the closest and most available repair team.  Some even outsource repairs to local contractors who are only loosely affiliated with the parent company.

But when you hire a local solar installer, you can expect to see the same faces.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel since they already understand your installation in and out.  They take full ownership of any problems you might have.

For many homeowners, this peace of mind is priceless.

Benefit 3: San Diego Solar Installers Care More About Your Business

I know of many excellent solar installers at the national level who provide top-notch service.  But all things being equal, the smaller guys will work harder to keep your business.

This has nothing to do with personality or resources or training.  It’s just simple economics.

Smaller companies must work harder.  If they fail to meet your needs, they can’t simply move to a new town and start all over.  By contrast, larger solar installers can take a hit here or a hit there.  They can cover their losses by rolling out a new advertising campaign in an untapped market.

In other words:

  • Our entire business model is based on quality – almost by necessity
  • Larger firms are more focused on quantity – again – by necessity

So Which Should You Choose?

Are the above benefits reason enough for you to go local?  We can’t make that decision for you.  Each customer is different.  Every solar installation is unique.

What we can do, however, is encourage you to shop around.  Request a free solar quote from us, and request a free solar quote from a national competitor.  Based on these 2 experiences, determine for yourself which is the better fit.

You have nothing to lose – and so much to gain.