Why You Should Be Wary of Solar Panel Sales in San Diego

We love this question.  It’s a great one.

You live in San Diego and you’re in the market for a photovoltaic (PV) installation.  What size solar PV system will you need for your home?

Well, the answer depends.  And interestingly enough, it depends more on your goals than on your budget.

Let’s explore why.

When it comes to solar power, budget is 100% secondary.  That’s because renewable energy is an investment and not a cost.  This is why so many San Diego customers finance their installations with low interest loans.  Their monthly bank payments are less than their monthly utility payments.  So regardless of system size and cost, they enjoy instant savings on Day 1.

Your financial and environmental goals, however, are extremely important.  The larger the system, the bigger your CO2 and financial savings become.  This is why we recommend that you explore the largest possible system that your rooftop (or yard) can accommodate.

It sounds a bit self-serving. – after all, we’re San Diego solar installers.  But let’s run through some numbers and look at why going large is a good idea.

Why You Should Install the Largest Sized Solar PV System You Can

Let’s say that, on average, you pay SDG&E about $200 a month for the electricity you consume (at today’s prices).

When you contract our solar installation services, we’ll design a high performance solar PV system that makes optimal use of all available rooftop (or yard) space.

We’ll also recommend any number of energy efficiency strategies to help bring the total cost of your installation down.  And of course, we help you apply for all of the relevant solar incentives available in San Diego.  This brings the cost down even further.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

At Sunline Energy, we help you qualify for low interest loans to finance your solar PV system.  The way these solar loans are structured, you’ll end up paying less money to the bank every month than you already pay to SDG&E.

In other words, your total monthly electricity expenses (including electricity bills and loan repayments) will be $199 or less.  We’re talking about instant savings.

But it gets better.

Over the next 4 to 6 years, you’ll continue paying money back to the bank until your loan agreement is finished and the solar PV system is completely paid for.

Now you’re the proud owner of a solar PV installation that will continue generating clean and free electricity for the next 20 to 35+ years.

With a large enough installation, you’ll never have to pay another cent to SDG&E since your panels more than cover your daily electricity needs.  Some lucky customers even receive negative electricity bills from the utility company.

So when people ask us what size solar PV system they need, this is why we advise them to go BIG.  A larger installation costs more, but it also saves you more (both now and in the long run).

Pretty cool.  Imagine powering your entire life with clean, free, and infinite sunshine.

You’re just a few mouse clicks away from this reality.