What Shade Does to Solar Systems
Just a little shade can dramatically affect the output of your San Diego solar install  A distant tree branch or cloud can significantly reduce the amount of light reaching a solar panel’s cells.

If you have tree sap, bird droppings, or other environmental debris sitting on top of the panel (even one single panel on many systems) the voltage of a solar panel drops to half in order to protect itself.

If enough cells are hard shaded, the module will not convert any energy and will, in fact, become a significant drain of energy on the entire system over time.

Partial cell shading that reduce solar panel power by half

If shading is an issue we highly recommend you use a microinverter for your San Diego Solar installation when possible. This will allow only the shaded panel to be affected rather then the entire string on a traditional string inverter.

A solar panel affects an array in much the same way a single cell affects a solar panel as it is essentially a series.

In a centralized inverter system, where panels are strung in series, if only one of the solar panels is shaded in an array, the rest of the solar panels’ output diminishes.

Microinverters allow each solar panel in an array to maximize power output independently, thereby maximizing a system’s power generation.

In addition they allow solar panels in your San Diego Solar Installation to be facing different orientations giving you more design flexibility if part of your installation site is in the shade.

A centralized inverter system requires panels to facing the same direction.

Since San Diego is an ideal climate for Solar but due to mature trees and other shading issues it is important to deal with a competent installer.

We will look at your San Diego solar project, do a shade analysis, and present you with the best option for maximum solar production.  With zero money down programs for solar purchasing available, please contact us with any questions.