What Is the Best Solar Company in San Diego, CA?

Solar is a terrific investment.  In fact – given the promise of free electricity for decades, solar energy offers one of the highest ROIs of any investment vehicle imaginable.

Not even Wall Street offers the consistent returns that a well-installed solar photovoltaic (PV) system can offer.

But it’s still an investment – one that costs money.  And you want to make certain you stick with reputable contractors who use high quality parts and components.  Doing anything less could result in suboptimal performance and lower-than-average returns.

In other words, you want the best solar company in San Diego, CA to handle your installation.  But what makes the “best” the “best?”

How Do You Select the Best Solar Power Contractor for the Job?

In many ways, solar is a commodity.

  • The technology has no moving parts.
  • The inputs used (i.e. sunshine) is a constant.

This means that – all things being equal – you’re likely to walk away with an installation that is “good enough.”  No matter who handles the project.

But your goal is to receive the “best” possible installation that you can.  After all, we’re talking about 40+ years of continuous, free electricity – if (and only if) the installation is done correctly.

So before hiring a solar company to handle your installation, be sure to ask the following:

1.  Do You Have Solar Installed on Your Own Properties?

This is a no-brainer.  But every solar installer in San Diego should “walk the walk.”  This means that they have solar PV panels on their own homes and offices.  Cooks should eat their own cooking.

At Sunline Energy – we live and breathe solar.  We don’t simply promote it.  We own it.

2.  Are You Local or National?

You want a solar company that specializes in your specific market.  That’s because incentives, solar loans, and solar rebates are very geo-specific.  National installers often spread themselves too thin to be true experts in any single location.

FYI – Sunline Energy operates exclusively within the San Diego Metro area.  Nothing happens here (in solar) that we don’t know about.

3.  Are You Licensed to Install Solar in San Diego, CA?

This may seem like a silly question.  But there are no official installation or certification requirements within the solar industry.  Only general guidelines.

However, in order to qualify for San Diego’s net metering program (which is awesome by the way), your installation must be completed by a licensed and certified solar contractor.  Amateur or DIY solar installations are actually more expensive in the long run.

We’re licensed.  Experienced.  And all of our installers are recognized by NABCEP – the unofficial accrediting body of the solar industry.

4.  Can I See Some Reviews or References? 

Never hire a solar company that can’t provide references.  And don’t stop your research there either (since references can be forged).  Check out popular online review sites like Yelp!

FYI – Sunline Energy has more 5-star reviews than any other solar companies in San Diego.

Are We the Absolute Best There Is?

So is Sunline Energy the best solar installer in the area?

Not necessarily.

There are many excellent solar energy contractors in San Diego.  But we firmly believe that we meet a certain threshold when it comes to quality, experience, and transparency.  And very few solar installers can compete with us on price and ROIs.

Still not sure?

Put us to the test.  Request a free, no obligation solar consultation today.  We’ll walk you through the process and numbers so that you understand (in advance) what you’ll pay, save, and make by going with our solar installation services.

All quotes and consultations are 100% free.  You don’t pay a single dime.