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After learning about the limitations of DIY solar panels, you wisely decide to contract a professional installer to set up your solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

You begin scouring the Web for reputable San Diego solar contractors who can handle the job.  But each outfit offers slightly different services – at slightly different price points.

All you really want is a solar installation – as affordably as possible.  Simple enough, right?  But you become overwhelmed by the variety of service options.  How do you accurately compare like with like?

More specifically – when you hire someone to install your panels for you, what is the bare minimum you should expect from the job?

What Your San Diego Solar Contractor Should Provide

So beyond the actual physical installation itself (i.e. parts & labor), what should your professional solar installer include in the total cost?

Below represents what we believe should be the bare minimum:

1.  Free Solar Evaluation

We’ve covered this topic before.  But it shouldn’t cost you a dime to begin exploring your solar options.  Not 1 single dime.

Solar sells itself.  The environmental benefits and the financial benefits are increasingly difficult to ignore – especially as the climate worsens and grid electricity becomes more expensive.

It simply doesn’t make sense to pay for the privilege of being marketed to.

Your San Diego solar contractor should provide a free on-site evaluation of your property – complete with a detailed solar proposal that outlines costs, savings, payback periods, and incentives.

2.  Licensing & Experience

Your San Diego solar installer should be licensed and experienced (we’ve covered this one before here).

  • Licensing means that they’re legally and professionally qualified to work with high voltage electrical equipment.
  • Experienced means that they’ve done a minimum of 25 solar installations.  Anything less and your property becomes a pilot project used to train a novice solar contractor.

3.  Transparent Financing

There are many different ways to pay for a new solar PV system, with loans and leases being 2 of the most common.

In San Diego, solar leasing is actually quite popular.  After all, you pay absolutely nothing for the installation – and you enjoy lower electricity bills starting on Day 1.

But – solar leases are not all that they’re cracked up to be.  They offer lower returns, cost more (in the long run), and don’t provide the same financial benefits that true solar ownership offers.

Your installer should be open and honest about your financing options.  Be wary of contractors who try to pigeonhole you into taking out a solar lease.  For more on the dangers of leasing, click here, here, and here.

4.  Help Applying for Incentives, Permits, and Financing

When it comes to installing panels, the biggest bottlenecks are permits, financing, and incentives.  They each come with a range of forms and their own wait times.

If you’re a lawyer or accountant, filling out this paperwork probably won’t be a problem.  But if you’re anyone else, it can be a major hassle.

That’s why we recommend hiring solar contractors who handle all of the paperwork for you.  You might be required to fill out a few signatures here and there – but the heavy lifting shouldn’t be your responsibility.

Understanding the Sunline Energy Advantage

At Sunline Energy, we’re proud to boast that we supply all of the above.  No extra hassles or fees included.

But we also take our commitment to service a few steps further.  For example:

  • We conduct an energy audit of your home or business to help you discover ways to reduce your electricity consumption and lower your installation costs.
  • We provide you with a range of financing options, allowing you to select the best proposal for your budget and energy goals.
  • Our installers aren’t simply licensed.  They’re NABCEP-certified, meaning they’ve met the rigorous standards set forth by the country’s highest renewable energy accreditation board.

It’s one thing to read about these benefits.  It’s another thing to experience them firsthand.

Fortunately, we make doing so as simple as 1-2-3.

Simply request a free solar quote from us today.  You don’t pay anything in advance.  There’s no obligation to contract our services.  You just receive a detailed solar proposal from our expert installation team – 100% free of charge.

So contact us today and see why Sunline Energy has more 5-star Yelp reviews than any other San Diego solar contractor.



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