The Biggest Obstacle to Your San Diego Solar Installation
The financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy are very real.  With a new San Diego solar installation, you can dramatically decrease your carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing the amount of money you pay to the utility company every month.

It’s a win-win.  Enjoy a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle – for less than what you currently pay.

So if the benefits are so obvious, why don’t more homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their properties?

That’s a great question.  And we did some digging around to find out from previous Sunline Energy customers why they waited so long to take the plunge.

Our findings were a bit surprising.

1.  Cost Is No Longer a Deterrent to Going Solar

There was a time when only the wealthiest in San Diego could ever afford a new solar installation.  But several trends have converged to make going solar more affordable than ever before:

  • Falling solar panel prices – in the past 5 years alone, solar costs have plummeted 80%, making the technology within easy financial reach of homeowners and businesses alike.
  • Rising electricity prices – in 2013 alone, SDG&E has raised its utility rates by 12% to 30% (depending on your tier).  These electricity price hikes have helped make the “relative” cost of going solar much lower.
  • Government incentives – tax credits, rebates, and net metering have all helped to lower the upfront cost of installing a new solar PV system in San Diego.  Although some incentives may expire within the coming year, the financial benefits of going solar are still very compelling.

So if cost isn’t the primary hurdle, what is?

2.  Paperwork Is No Longer an Obstacle to Your Going Solar

We can’t speak for other San Diego solar installation companies.  But at Sunline Energy, we walk you through the entire installation process – from start to finish.  We file permits, bank loans, financing applications, and regulatory paperwork on your behalf.

You just sit back and watch as your utility bill moves closer and closer to $0.

Next reason?

3.  Solar Uncertainty No Longer a Factor

10 years ago, solar was scarce – and not very reliable.  Today, the technology has become powerful enough to cover 100% of your energy needs.

Not surprisingly, solar is spreading very quickly across the County.  If you don’t already have friends or neighbors with panels, you won’t have to wait very long.  With an abundance of year round sunshine, San Diego is uniquely positioned to harness clean solar energy.

So if cost, paperwork, and uncertainty aren’t the culprits – what is?

Initiative – the 1 Thing Preventing You from a San Diego Solar Installation

Based on our research, the only thing separating satisfied solar customers from those who continue relying on the fossil fuel-powered utility grid is personal initiative.

In other words, it comes down to just taking that first crucial step where you begin exploring your solar options.

At Sunline Energy, we make taking that first step very easy.

Just send us a quick email, and we’ll schedule a free, on-site evaluation of your home or business.

We then follow-up with a free, detailed proposal that explains costs, savings, incentives, payback periods, and everything else you need to know about going solar.

All of this is 100% free of charge.  You only need to request this information, and we’ll take care of the rest.



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