Solar Panel Companies in San Diego Fueling a Death Spiral?

In San Diego solar installation companies are usually seen as the good guys.

Not only do we help create green jobs, but we’re also moving the community over to more sustainable forms of power generation.

But sadly, not everyone sees us this way.

We recently came across an interesting article in which utility companies paint us as fueling a “death spiral” within their industry.

The article itself is kind of long, so we’ll summarize the main points:

  • utility companies make money from the assets they own (i.e. transmission lines, power networks, etc.)
  • they maintain and grow these assets using utility bills (i.e. your monthly electricity bills)
  • solar’s rapid growth in San Diego is reducing the need to invest in more utility infrastructure (fewer assets = less profit)
  • solar’s rapid growth is also reducing the amount of money utilities can collect to maintain current infrastructure (fewer electricity bills = less money for maintenance)

As solar becomes more and more popular, utility companies become more obsolete.  Hence the death spiral.

Are Solar Panel Companies in San Diego Really to Blame?

At Sunline Energy, we still like to think of ourselves as the good guys.  We provide an important service that people genuinely want.  And we’re making the world a cleaner and better place.

But are we to blame for this death spiral?

No.  We’re not.

It’s simply the nature of disruptive technology.  Innovation and technological advancements always threaten entrenched business models – especially monopolies.

Utility companies have had a good run.  And they’ll continue to provide a valuable service for many years to come.


  • The planet is dying.  And as a species, we must look for smarter and cleaner ways of harnessing the energy that we need.
  • Utility costs keep going up and up and up.  Even though the quality of the service remains the same (or gets worse).

If utility companies continue to cling to an outdated business model that relies on dirty fossil fuel – then the death spiral is of their own making.

However, if they begin investing in clean power sources instead, they can continue to thrive in the new energy economy.

We earnestly and honestly hope they choose the latter.  It’ll be better for everyone involved (including the utility companies).

In the meantime, if you’re ready to opt out of the utility game and begin generating your own clean and free electricity, contact us today.

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