Solar in San Diego - Net Metering Could Get 20-Year Extension

Going solar isn’t just about saving money (though there is plenty to be saved). It’s also about being energy-independent and more in control of your home.

The growing desire among consumers to be free from the tyranny of utility companies is nothing new. Luckily for all of us, solar energy has rapidly given homeowners an alternative to being stuck under the control Big Energy. But it’s only just the beginning – going solar is the first step to escaping their clutches; getting a solar battery is the final step to freedom!

Adding a home battery to your existing solar system will produce wonderful benefits for your home and family. It leads to a drastic reduction in monthly utility bills. It provides you with a secure source of back-up power in the event of power outages and emergencies. It even allows you to control the entire system through a Mobile App.

Tesla’s Powerwall line has long been instrumental in driving the use of solar batteries. Not surprisingly, the hottest solar battery currently available is the Tesla Powerwall. If you are going solar (or already have) you must consider this solar battery and ask yourself:

Is it worth it to get a Tesla Powerwall?

The device itself is very fitting for Tesla, a long-time innovator in solar. One of the highest-capacity residential solar batteries available, the Powerwall is also rated on the higher-spectrum for efficiency and is exceptional for its depth-of-discharge (100%). The performance is reflective of Tesla’s long-standing commitment to nothing except excellence in their products.

Besides being power-packed the Powerwall boasts by far the sleekest design. By being smaller (45.3 x 29.6 x 5.75 inches) and weighing less (251.3 lbs.) you are able to “stack” the Powerwall batteries. This allows for the installation of multiple Powerwall batteries as neatly and precisely as possible. If you want to expand your system further and add additional batteries you’ll have all the space you need.

In addition to the technological innovations and performance specs, the Powerwall utilizes the revolutionary Tesla Gateway system. This energy management system allows you to create a highly personalized experience that gives you the most out of your Powerwall .

The Gateway system allows you to operate the Powerwall in three different operating modes that each provide unique benefits:

Self-Powered: Stores excess energy your solar panels generate

Back-Up Only: Saves all stored energy for the event of an outage.

Time-Based: Forecasts energy rates to offset usage (saving you money).

The Time-Based setting is a game-changer for time-of-use rates implemented by Utility companies. By learning how you use energy regularly Gateway is able to accurate predict and gauge when it needs to discharge and recharge. This leads to more optimal battery usage, saving you even more money in the process. All controlled with an easy-to-use Gateway App that is installed on your mobile phone.

One last benefit to not overlook the fact that all Tesla products use recycled materials, leaving zero waste behind in the process. You can be proud owning a Tesla Powerwall knowing that it came from recycled materials under a zero-waste policy.

Instead of worrying about the costs, you should be worrying about the savings! Every month you spend money on energy when you could be making money on it. By getting a Tesla Powerwall system you are increasing the value of your home. And adding a solar battery to your home gives you the safety and security of reliable energy that is priceless.

There are also a ton of incentives offered to help reduce the cost of getting a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall:

Federal Solar Tax Credit: A tax credit of 26% of the installation costs is a tremendous benefit when going solar.

State Incentive Programs: California homeowners can apply for the Self-Generation Income Program (SGIP), leading to huge savings.

With these incentives it’s very possible to recoup the cost of a Tesla Powerwall installation in only a few years. By going solar and getting a Tesla Powerwall you’ll be saving money on energy bills every month. All while keeping your family safe and secure through any emergency power outages.

Getting a solar battery is a smart and sound investment in your home and family. You are going to use energy no matter what, so you might as well use it the right way. And if you are going to get a solar battery there is no question about it – the Tesla Powerwall is the best option available to use energy the right way.

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