San Diego’s Solar Power Helps Everyone – Even the Utilities

At Sunline Energy, we support all green technologies.  Wind, geothermal – even biogas (when done correctly).

But we really like solar because it’s:

  • scalable (add as much or as little solar capacity as you need)
  • durable (25 to 40 years of clean, free electricity with minimal upkeep)

But what gets us most excited about San Diego solar power panels is their ability to deliver energy when it’s most needed.

You see, solar panels operate at peak performance during the daytime (when the sun is at its highest).  This is precisely when San Diego is most active.  Businesses are open across the county, and AC units are on maximum power to keep daytime temperatures at bay.

This is also when utility companies must work their hardest to deliver electricity to the network.  That’s why daytime energy prices are usually more expensive than nighttime electricity rates.

But How Does San Diego Solar Power Actually Benefit the Utilities?

It’s easy to see how solar benefits the system owners.  Once installed on your rooftop, your panels protect you from rising electricity rates.  In fact, with a large enough solar installation, your utility bill can reach $0 – or even go into the negative.

It’s also easy to understand how San Diego’s solar power industry helps the community.

  • less pollution = cleaner neighborhoods
  • cleaner neighborhoods = healthier bodies

But how do utility companies benefit?

Well, they benefit from less pollution and cleaner air (just like everyone else).  But they also benefit from lower operating costs.  Bringing on more fossil fuel capacity during the middle of the day is a very labor-intensive and expensive undertaking.  This is why daytime power is so costly.

Worse still, fossil fuel prices are constantly on the rise globally.  This is why SDG&E must continue raising its rates on the rest of us.

But solar provides stability.

With enough panels spread throughout the County, there’s a consistent base load of clean energy when consistency is most needed.  And the utility companies only need to make up the difference.

Not surprisingly, many utility companies don’t see solar as a benefit.  For although their operating costs go down, their profit potential also goes down as more homeowners and businesses tap into free energy sources like solar and wind.

But as far as we’re concerned, this should only incentivize utility companies to invest in their own solar capacity.  They can reap all the benefits of solar ownership (just like everyone else), and they can avoid increasingly high fossil fuel prices (just like everyone else).

Are you Ready to Get Started On Your San Diego’s Solar Power?

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