San Diego Solar Power – a Celebrity Case Study

It goes without saying that we’re huge supporters of solar power.

Not only do we have panels installed on our own homes, but we’ve also helped countless San Diego customers go solar.  For the next 25 to 40 years, these lucky individuals will reap the environmental and financial benefits of clean, free energy.

Our commitment to solar is so strong that we genuinely applaud the success of our many competitors.  Solar is solar – and the more panels that go up, the better off San Diego is.  Period.

But you know what really gets us excited?  When high profile companies and personalities also take the plunge.

In an earlier post, we explored why search behemoth, Google, decided to invest in a San Diego solar farm.

And just the other day, we came across a story about local CBS reporter, Matt Baylow.  He too decided to embrace solar energy.  By taking advantage of San Diego’s net metering program, his electricity bill went from $400 to negative $16 (that’s right – SDG&E owes him money).

The article is worth reading (click here).  In it, he describes his experience and offers up some really excellent advice for anyone thinking about making the transition.

What If Baylow Had Hired Sunline Energy?

To be honest, we’re a bit bummed that Matt Baylow never contacted Sunline Energy to handle his solar installation.  We would have appreciated the exposure.  And we also could have helped him get an even better deal.

  • His residential installation was on the expensive side – about 3 times what the average San Diego homeowner pays.  Granted, he purchased a really large installation that more than covers his monthly electricity needs (he eventually plans to charge his electric vehicle with the excess energy).
  • His payback period is also kind of long.  He’ll fully recoup expenses within the next 7 years.  The average payback period in San Diego is between 4 and 6 years.

But even still, Mr. Baylow happily reports that going solar is an excellent investment.  Here’s a brief snippet from the article:

I can’t imagine a safer investment that will pay off 7 years from now than knowing the sun will keep coming up in the East.  7 years from now we’ll really be in the money.  Until then, we’re happy to get the checks from SDGE.

That’s a pretty glowing endorsement.  And he’s absolutely right.  There really is no better investment vehicle that we can think of.  Clean, free electricity for decades to come.

We hope that his experience convinces even more people to go solar – or at least begin exploring their options.

At Sunline Energy, we try to make this as easy as possible.

Contact us today, and we’ll give you a free evaluation and solar estimate.  You pay absolutely nothing for this consultation.