San Diego Solar FAQ #1: What is the San Diego Solar Panel Installation Process?
A common question we get regarding getting solar panels installed in San Diego is;

What is the process regarding installing solar panels?

The following question will be answered based on a typical San Diego solar installation.

If there are homeowners associations (HOA) or other variables they could add some time to the installation but the time frame ideally should be six weeks or less without an HOA and 8 weeks or less with an HOA. Hiring a professional contractor such as Sunline Energy will insure a smooth and prompt solar install for your home or business in San Diego.

How does the process work of getting solar panels installed and how long does it take? A solar installation in San Diego should essentially be broken down in to a few stages:

  1. The first stage is meeting with an estimator at Sunline Energy. We will take an inventory of your current usage, past usage, and expected future usage. A site survey/shade analysis would be conducted where the panels would be installed. Any shade obstructions or less then ideal conditions would be taken into account. The conduit run would be evaluated and a couple options will be presented for you to decide on. (Week 1)
  2. The second stage is the design and planning stage. Our engineering department will draft a copy of plans for approval. If there are any concerns regarding the visibility of panels or the conduit run we would discuss this as well. OUR GOAL IS TO GET THE MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY OUT OF YOUR INSTALLATION, IF THIS REQUIRES BREAKING UP YOUR SYSTEM INTO A FEW ARRAYS THAT IS WHAT WE WILL DO. (Week 2)
  3. Upon approval of the plans from the homeowner we submit for permits to the city or county, depending on the jurisdiction plans can be approved over the counter or they might require to be submitted (Week 2)
  4. A new electric meter will be ordered from the utility, materials are ordered, and plans are submitted for permits. If there is a HOA then a copy of the plans are submitted to the HOA for review. (Week 3)
  5. Upon permits being issued you will receive a call from an operations manager at Sunline Energy to schedule a date that is mutually convenient for the installation to take place. The actual time an installation takes is anywhere from 1-3 days on average (Week 3-4)
  6. An install date will be scheduled at a time that is agreeable to the homeowner. During this time you do not need to be home as the vast majority of the install only required access to the exterior of the home. The only time we need to come into the house is to setup the monitoring system to the internet. (Week 3-4)
  7. Upon completion of the installation we will call in the city to inspect our work. An inspector can come out anywhere from 1-2 weeks after installation (usually it is quicker but this is out of our control). (Week 4)
  8. Upon the inspection being passed the permit is called into SDGE who then sends out an e-mail to the homeowner giving them Permission to Operate (PTO) their new solar system. (Week 4-6)
  9. The next step is to watch your savings accumulate and your meter going backward. (Week 6-The next 25-40 years)

At Sunline Energy we work on all types of installations from solar installations in Fallbrook to Solar installations in Chula Vista, Riverside and beyond.

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