San Diego Residential Solar Power Is an Investment – Not a Home Improvement

Many homeowners in San Diego look for ways to improve their properties with simple renovation projects.

Some decide to install pools in their backyards.  And in a sunny, hot place like Southern California, it’s not difficult to see why.  Pools offer welcome relief during the summer months.  The downside, of course is maintenance.  And believe it or not, the money you spend over the lifetime of that pool usually doesn’t cover the increased property value that such a home improvement offers.

Savvier homeowners often look into kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations.  You receive years of utility while you live in the home.  And in most cases, you fetch a higher asking price when it comes time to sell.

But if you’re interested in improving your home and increasing your property’s value, you should look into solar.  In fact, installing panels offers so many financial benefits that it’s best to think of it as an investment instead of as a traditional home improvement.

Why San Diego Residential Solar Energy Is an Investment

Okay.  So what makes solar so much better than bathroom tiles or kitchen cabinets?

Let’s review.

1.  When you install solar panels on your property, you receive decades of free electricity.  Most systems come with 25-year warranties.  But a well installed solar PV system can last 40 years or more.  In fact, some panels manufactured in the 1950s are still producing clean energy for their owners.  No joke.

2.  Because solar panels offset grid electricity, you enjoy instant savings.  Instead of paying money to SDG&E every month, you’re able to tap into an infinite, clean, and free energy source (i.e. the sun).

With these savings, most homeowners manage to recoup expenses within 4 to 6 years on average.  Thereafter, they enjoy free electricity for the lifetime of their systems.  Solar literally pays for itself.

3.  Although not a financial benefit – solar allows you to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.  There’s no monetary value to this.  But then again, we only have 1 planet.  Environmental protection is priceless.

4.  When it comes time to sell your home, solar will help you fetch a much higher price.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) , for every $1 in annual electricity bill savings, your property’s value goes up by an impressive $20.

5.  Not only does San Diego residential solar energy increase property values, but it also helps your home sell much faster.  According to the Department of Energy, solar-powered homes sell twice as quickly as normal homes.  Less time on the housing market means less uncertainty.  It also means fewer fees and less overall hassle.  Again – this is priceless.

Solar Energy Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Solar energy is awesome.  It saves you money.  Makes you money.  And protects the environment.

The alternative is to continue paying increasingly large amounts of money to the local utilities – while you marvel at your brand new bathroom floor or lounge in a backyard pool.

The choice is easy.

Contact us today for a free solar quote and consultation.  It may be the best home improvement decision (and investment) you’ll ever make.