Best Solar Company in San DiegoSunline Energy

Having so many solar energy companies in San Diego is a good thing.

  • more competition creates a more robust market
  • as a consumer, you have options
  • our great city (and the planet as a whole) becomes greener

But choice can be paralyzing.  After all:

  • nearly all solar energy companies in San Diego have websites and installation experience
  • the majority have NABCEP certification (to learn why this is important, click here)
  • most (but not all) will even come to your home or business for a free property evaluation

If everyone is offering the same basic services and perks, how do you choose?  How do you rank your options and pick the “best” possible solar contractor for your home or business?

Picking the Best Solar Energy Companies in San Diego

Going solar is an easy decision when you factor in the unbelievable environmental and financial benefits that the technology offers.

But having made the decision to adopt a more sustainable (and affordable) lifestyle, what’s your next step?

1.  Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

A simple Google search of “solar energy installers + San Diego” will return hundreds of options.  Way too many to be of any practical use.

And what you’re actually seeing isn’t necessarily a list of the BEST solar energy companies.  You’re simply seeing the ones that have invested the most in their online marketing efforts.

Instead, start with referrals.

10 years ago, you probably didn’t know anyone who had solar panels on their rooftop – unless they were hardcore environmentalists with plenty of cash to burn.

Today, solar is well within reach of many San Diego budgets, and the technology has spread like wildfire.  So start with friends and family members who already have solar panels.

  • Are they happy with the results?
  • Were they satisfied with the service they received?

If so, add that installer to the list.

Don’t forget about online reviews either.  Yelp is a great resource.  Just FYI  –we’re happy to boast that Sunline Energy has more 5-star Yelp reviews than any other solar installer in the San Diego area.

2.  Don’t Limit Your Options

Fortunately, most installers offer free consultations and on-site evaluations.  Take advantage of that and invite a number of promising leads over to your home or business.  You have nothing to lose.

2 things to keep in mind.

Firstly, don’t go overboard.  1 visit is too few.  10 is too many.  3 to 5 is pretty good.

Secondly, we recommend that you start with the most promising solar installers first.  They’ll bring up questions and considerations that you probably never thought about.

As you become more informed about your solar options, you’ll be in a better position to assess how experienced the other installers on your list truly are.

3.  Compare the Results

After a few days, you should have a solid set of proposals – from at least 3 different solar energy companies in San Diego.

And now you must decide:

  • which one offers the best financing?
  • who seems the most professional?
  • which one offers the highest ROI?
  • which installer was the easiest to understand?
  • who was the most personable (if that matters to you)?

Some installers push very hard.  Others deliver more subtle sales pitches.  But ultimately, it’s your energy future – not theirs (and not ours).  You need to make the best decision based on your financial and environmental needs.

And remember – you’re under no obligation to move forward if you don’t feel 100% comfortable.