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At Sunline Energy, we champion all forms of renewable power.

But the reason we love solar energy so much is because it is 100% scalable and modular.  You can add 1 panel… or 1000 panels, depending on budget and space.  And you have clean, free electricity starting on Day 1.

As San Diego’s favorite solar installer, we do most of our work on residential and commercial rooftops throughout the County.  But remember that solar is scalable and lends itself very well to huge photovoltaic (PV) farms as well.  And for our country to become truly sustainable, we’ll end up needing both smaller solar projects and larger ones.

Well, we just learned of a mega solar farm that has us pretty excited.  In fact, it is the world’s largest single-access tracking solar PV plant ever.

The Mount Signal Solar Farm in Southern California will use 3 million PV modules that follow the sun’s trajectory throughout the day.  And it will produce about 206 MW of clean electricity – enough to power 72,000 homes in nearby San Diego County.

Just to put that in perspective, this is the equivalent of preventing 356,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

Why Sending Solar Energy to San Diego Is Great for Everyone

On the surface, you might think that solar installers throughout San Diego would be shaking in their boots.  After all, clean energy from the Mount Signal Solar Farm could reduce demand for solar PV installations at the residential and commercial levels.

But in truth, we couldn’t be more excited.  This megaproject is helping to make solar more mainstream.  And this makes our own job of raising awareness much easier.

There are other benefits of this project as well:

  • Spanish solar company, Abengoa, managed to build this PV farm in a record 16 months – proving that large-scale solar capacity doesn’t take a lot of time.  You can’t get a nuclear power plant up and running in less than 2 years.
  • Because these 3 million solar panels follow the sun’s trajectory during the day, the solar farm is able to capture up to 40% more energy than conventional stationary panels can.
  • The project created 700 direct jobs in Southern California – proving that going green is not only great for the environment… it’s also great for the local economy.

Are You Ready to Power Your Life with Sunshine?

It’s a bit unclear which homes in San Diego County will receive this clean solar electricity.  Probably all of us will benefit a little bit.

But you don’t have to wait for the solar plant to go online in order to begin powering your life with clean, free sunshine.  As mentioned before, residential and commercial solar is already here for the taking.  You just have to reach out and take it.

Not sure where to get started?  It’s easy.  Simply request a free solar quote from us today, and will walk you through the entire process – and absolutely zero cost to you.